A visit to Tamra Barney's personal psychic created some serious tension between Vicki Gunvalson and the rest of the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Vicki's storyline has centered on her relationship with then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers, who was reportedly diagnosed with stage three cancer. Unfortunately many of the ladies -- and Tamra's psychic -- have not been so convinced. 

Early in the episode Tamra called in her psychic to meet with her, Heather Dubrow and Meghan King Edmonds for lunch and a reading. During their posh meet-up the Psychic provided them with a little insight into the inner workings of the group. He touched on the ongoing feud between Meghan and Shannon Beador, sighting that it appeared to be rather one-sided. From there Tamra prompted him to discuss Vicki, revealing to him that she had just lost her mother and was struggling with boyfriend Brooks' cancer diagnosis. The psychic was able to pick up on Vicki, saying he could tell she had a good heart. He was not, however, so sure of Brooks and suggested he may be faking his illness

Although each of the women were shocked by the psychic's Brooks bombshell, all three seemed in agreement that it was best not to discuss it any further. That is, until Tamra decided to put her differences with Brooks aside and throw together a little surprise party at her gym. After teaching the ladies a booty-focused fitness class, Tamra brought out a cake and some sake to celebrate Brooks' big day with the "RHOC" ladies. While sipping their drinks and chowing down, Brooks revealed his plans to stop chemotherapy in favor of a less conventional treatment. This coupled with the psychic's earlier comments raised some eyebrows in amongst the cast. Tamra, Heather, Meghan and Shannon stayed behind after everyone else had gone to discuss Brooks' new treatment plan and some strange comments he made during his explanation. It was then that Meghan revealed to Shannon -- who is perhaps Vicki's closes friend in Season 10 -- what Tamra's psychic had said. 

Armed with this knowledge Shannon and her husband David attended what should have been a celebratory dinner with Vicki and Brooks later that evening. Shannon did her best to avoid bringing it up during the birthday dinner, but was unable to hold it in any longer. She attempted to pull Vicki aside and share with her what Meghan had said, but Vicki refused to hear it and stormed out on the dinner with her man by her side. 

Unfortunately it doesn't appear that things will be resolved by next week. Previews for Season 10, episode 12, suggest Vicki and Meghan will face off about her cancer- faking claims and it's going to get ugly. Tune in for all that and more next Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.