The battle between Vicki Gunvalson and "The Real Housewives of Orange County" rookie Meghan King Edmonds waged on during Season 10, episode 13. The pair have been at odds for a majority of the season, but things really got ugly when Meghan, 30, shared with the rest of the cast that Tamra Barney's psychic had doubts about Brooks Ayers' cancer diagnosis that things really got ugly. The ladies found themselves in the midsts of a war of words at a luncheon hosted by Heather Dubrow in episode 12, but it appears that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Episode 13 picked up right where the previous one left off -- at a gorgeous table filled with the "RHOC" cast and friends at the shell that will one day be Heather, 46, and Terry Dubrow's massive mansion. Tamra, 47, shared with the ladies that she and husband Eddie Judge, who own and run Cut Fitness together, would be hosting a sex toy party to roll out their new YouTube channel. Although some were shocked, everyone turned out for the over-the-top bash which included an array of adult toys, sushi served on nude models and the entire "RHOC" cast and their husbands in scandalous costumes. 

The party got off to a great start. Everyone -- with the exception of Vicki -- was thrilled to ditch their normal party clothes for something fun and, in many cases, revealing. Unfortunately it didn't take long for Vicki and Meghan to get into a discussion about their previous feud. Vicki and Meghan faced off, hurling insults and accusations at one another while Shannon, 51, stood by attempting to come to Vicki's defense. Meghan then called in her husband, former professional baseball player Jim Edmonds, for backup. Unfortunately that plan backfired and Jim, 45, attempted to level with Vicki rather than attacking her as Meghan had been hoping for. The "RHOC" newcomer stormed off in a rage as Vicki and Jim continued to discuss her and Meghan's fallout

While there was no resolution to the ongoing conflict between Meghan and Vicki, it appears viewers will get a break from the drama Season 10, episode 14 -- sort of, anyway. Previews for the upcoming episode show Vicki spending some quality time with her daughter Briana Culberson and two grandchildren. Unfortunately Brooks' diagnosis will, yet again, come into question. This time among family. As you may recall Briana and Brooks have a tumultuous history. The pair cut off all communication after Brooks was caught on audio in Season 8 telling her husband Ryan Culberson he should consider hitting her to keep her in line. 

Be sure to tune in Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo for all that and more. Check out a preview for the episode below: