If there’s one thing there is no shortage of on this season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” it’s drama. Vicki Gunvalson — who was ostracized from the group in Season 10 after siding with her cancer faking boyfriend Brooks Ayers — is working tirelessly to focus on friendships, but everything changes during episode 4.

Briana Culberson returned home to Orange County, California, early in Season 11 at the urging of her mother. Vicki’s only daughter suffers from on-going health issues for which she simply could not find appropriate care in Oklahoma where she and husband Ryan Culberson were living. Unfortunately the cross country move with two toddlers and no husband has increased her stress. During episode 4 she calls Vicki in a panic, revealing that she suddenly can’t breathe. The grandmother of three immediately calls her estranged gal pal Tamra Judge, who is ready to rush to her aid. Before Tamra can arrive at the gas station where Briana’s health crisis is unfolding, her son’s ex-fiance Sarah is on the scene. She agrees to go with Vicki and watch Briana’s children while she goes to the hospital to be by her daughter’s bedside. Tamra joins her son’s ex at Vicki’s house to discuss the chaotic events, which seem to have brought her and Vicki closer in a strange way.

While things are looking up for Vicki and Tamra, the rest of the group — save Kelly Meza-Dodd — remains cold as ice. Meghan King Edmonds has taken it upon herself to act as a guiding light for Kelly, warning her against getting involved in the “RHOC” cast feud with Vicki. The newest addition to the cast seems offended that Meghan, whom she has been friends with the longest, would try and tell her what to do. Instead, she’ll have to learn the hard way not to play with fire. Shannon Beador, who sat down with Vicki during Kelly’s beach party in the episode prior, has made it clear that she’s not interested in rekindling their friendship, but it seems she may have a soft spot for the O.G. of the O.C. While preparing for a 70s themed party, which she hopes will go better than her last few, Shannon decides to extend an invitation to Vicki though it is not the warmest. Before sending it she looks to Tamra to proof read and is able to come up with something that does not suggest she’s open to friendship, but seems like she really is welcome at the event.

Previews for the upcoming episode suggest that Vicki will accept Shannon’s invitation, but that drama will arise. Rather than Shannon and Vicki having it out it’s the hostess and Kelly who butt heads, leading to an ugly exchange of words and the newcomers removal from the party.

“RHOC” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.