Season 11 of “Real Housewives of Orange County” has been full of confrontation with newcomer Kelly Dodd at the center of much of the drama. She has name called, spread rumors and talked badly about her co-star’s parenting skills, leaving her with only Vicki Gunvalson and neutral party Meghan King Edmonds to lean on.

The cast took to Twitter to live-tweet Monday’s episode, which featured a lengthy ugly verbal disagreement between Kelly, Vicki and the rest of the “RHOC” cast on the way to Shannon Airport in Dublin, Ireland. While Heather DuBrow attempted to clear things up for fans during the episode, both Kelly and Vicki — dubbed Team Velly by fans — remained relatively silent. However, earlier this week, Vicki tweeted and retweeted negative comments about her co-stars. The grandmother of two shared a tweet from Kelly that accused Shannon Beador of stirring up drama along with a message from a fan about “white trash Tamra.”

During a recent cast trip to Ireland, things with the Season 11 rookie finally reached a point of no return. In episode 17, after an un-filmed hallway fight, the ladies argued back and forth on the bus to the airport. Kelly hurled low blows at her co-stars while being called trash by Heather. Meghan, who appeared to have had a longstanding friendship with Kelly but has been avoiding drama due to a pregnancy, questioned Vicki for stepping back while her friend gets attacked from all angles. Kelly continued to fight her own battle, revealing to Shannon that Vicki — whom she is no longer friends with following the great Season 10 cancer scandal — told her that David Beador was, at one point, physically abusive to her. This started an all-out war between the two veteran “RHOC” stars, allowing Kelly to escape the drama for a few minutes. Kelly made her presence known once more moments later to drop another bomb, insinuating that Vicki also told her Tamra’s husband Eddie had been unfaithful and is potentially gay.

Everyone on the bus, with the exception of drama-free Meghan, aligned against Vicki. After the explosive bus ride, the “RHOC” cast took what may have been the most awkward flight home in “Housewives” history. Once back in Orange County, Kelly saw the error of her ways and tried once more to do the right thing. She met with Meghan — her go-to for advice about her behavior and the group — who suggested that she reach out to those she’s hurt...again. She told the newest “RHOC” addition that Heather and the other girls were certainly in the wrong to attack her on the bus, but assured her that the things she often says out of anger make it difficult for her to stand by her.

Before she was able to meet with Tamra to try and right her wrongs, Kelly sat down with Vicki to discuss her betrayal on the bus. The pair worked through their problems and feelings of abandonment to salvage their friendship ahead of Tamra’s fitness competition and an upcoming party Shannon hosted at her new rental home. Kelly and Tamra finally met and the Christian fitness fanatic was able to forgive, but said she has no plans to forget. Kelly claimed that Heather was to blame for much of the drama, but Tamra did not buy it. She accepted Kelly’s apology and agreed to move forward all the while plotting a confrontation with the other women at Shannon’s shindig.

Kelly’s name has been a topic of discussion amongst members of the cast since April, when it was first rumored that she would be joining the show. Not long after Bravo’s potential casting decision was released TMZ obtained video of Kelly drunkenly revealing to paparazzi waiting outside a restaurant that she doesn’t “like black guys.” Kelly went on to claim that she doesn’t “even know any black guys” before sticking out her tongue and shoving the cameraman. When asked about the incident, Heather told TMZ that “a racist would not be welcome” on the “RHOC” cast. 

“I think it’s safe to say that racism of any kind is not OK,” Heather said. “I’m a mother of four children and I’m a human being  — there’s no place. Anyone who has racism of any kind has no place in my life or anyone I know’s life. Anyone who is a racist would not be welcome in our life.”

The ladies have yet to address the latest drama on their Bravo TV blogs. “RHOC” returns to Bravo with a new episode Monday, Oct. 31, at 9 p.m. EDT. Who’s side are you on — Team Velly or The Terrible Trio?