Brooks Ayers is speaking out about his suspicious cancer diagnosis yet again, this time pointing the finger at former girlfriend and star of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" Vicki Gunvalson. Brooks has maintained that he does, in fact, have cancer, saying the show manufactured the scenario for ratings. Now he claims Vicki, 53, is to blame for sensationalizing his diagnosis. 

In an interview with E! Online, airing Tuesday, Brooks will claim he was completely honest with the "RHOC" star about his cancer. He says, however, that Vicki took the story and ran with it, telling family and friends he was dying. Brooks will shirk responsibility for his ex having been over-dramatic about the story. He adds that he has proof in the form of emails that Vicki shared incorrect details about his diagnosis, though it is unclear whether those will be shown during the special. 

"I can't. I'm not responsible for what Vicki communicates to people," Ayers says. "Again, I have the emails from Vicki clarifying that as well where she says she absolutely misspoke ... She sensationalizes things from time to time."

What is known is that Brooks will provide new documents which he says will prove his cancer is real. In previews for the E! interview he can be heard telling the interviewer he brought along three bills for three separate treatments he received. Brooks adds that he would not say he's "in remission" at present, saying he has two more tests coming up which will conclude whether or not he is healthy.

Brooks' cancer stole the show during part three of the "RHOC" reunion, which aired Sunday. During the show Vicki was put in the hot seat as host Andy Cohen and the cast questioned whether or not she knew Brooks was lying about his diagnosis. She changed her tune from Season 10, saying she wasn't aware during the show that he may be lying and didn't have enough proof either way. At the close of the episode she admitted once and for all that, proof or no proof, she was fairly certain Brooks does not actually have cancer. 

Ayers' interview airs Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST on E!