Shannon Beador is speaking out about the Brooks Ayers cancer drama once more, this time taking aim at his former girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson. Shannon, 51, and Vicki, 53, were once best friends on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," but Vicki's boyfriend's suspicious cancer diagnosis ruined that. With Season 10 over and done with ,Shannon is addressing her strained relationship with Vicki and it doesn't seem like they'll be making up any time soon.

During an interview with E! Online Shannon said she was feeling "a lot of emotions" about Vicki. She was both angry and sad about the demise of their friendship, adding that it was disappointing to her that such a close friend would betray her. Shannon told E! that Vicki has a lot of soul searching to do. She said that after being lied to for eight months she no longer has any sort of relationship with Vicki and doesn't want one. 

"I don't know [if I can be friends with her again]," she said. "We talked a little bit about that on the reunion. My husband was unfaithful for eight months, and I forgave him because had have a family, we have children together. Vicki was unfaithful and lied to me for eight months but I don't have any ties with her. I don't need to reconcile with her."

The wedge between Shannon and Vicki developed during Season 10. Things reached a boiling point in episode 16 when the former best friends met for lunch where Shannon requested that Vicki convince Brooks to show his medical records to the "RHOC" ladies. Vicki broke down crying, saying she'd had enough of the doubt surrounding her then-boyfriend's cancer and asked that Shannon simply stop talking about it. During part one and two of the "RHOC" Season 10 reunion it quickly became clear that no friendship had been re-established between the pair following season's close.

Things between Shannon and Vicki are likely to get more tense during the third and final portion of the "RHOC" reunion. Previews for the upcoming episode suggest Shannon will add fuel to the Brooks-drama, presenting evidence against his cancer claims. After making her proclamation she pulls out a copy of a CT scan report from Newport Imagine, where Brooks claimed to have gotten a pet CT scan in episode 17

The "RHOC" reunion part three airs Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.