Shannon Beador has held nothing back during Season 10 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." She has been very open from the start of the season about her marital problems, which stem from an affair her husband, David Beador, had during Season 9. While vacationing in Mo'orea, Tahiti, with the rest of the cast, Shannon, 50, shared more details about David's shocking infidelity with close friend and confidant Vicki Gunvalson.

During Season 10, episode 10, Heather Dubrow, Lizzie Rovsek, Meghan King Edmonds and Tamra Barney spent the day snorkeling and gossiping in the clear blue waters, while Vicki and Shannon opted to stay behind to recuperate from the night before. The two soaked up the sun on a beautiful white-sand beach while taking in a little hair of the dog. As E! News reported, during their relaxing beach day Shannon decided it was finally time for her to open up to Vicki about her marital issues. She shared that David's affair had begun shortly after she and Vicki met and went on for "a good eight months." As shocking as that revelation was, it was what came next that really blew Vicki, and those watching at home, away. Shannon then shared that David's mistress had tried to get close to her during the affair, which only added to her betrayal.

"I became friends with her when it was going on, which I think is demented and sick," she said. 

David's affair has played a major part in Shannon's storyline thus far this season, though she has been very cautious about to whom she talked about it. Still, many viewers complained she was "whining" too much in episode 3 when she accompanied the rest of the cast on what should have been a fun trip to Napa, California. After the episode aired, Shannon took to her Bravo TV blog to defend herself, saying she was "sorry" and adding she and David did have many happy moments during the trip but that those clips had been left on the editing room floor. 

"So for those people who say that I am b---hing, whining, insecure, or needy, I'm sorry you feel that way. I am not looking for sympathy," she wrote. "Only understanding as to why I may not be 'fun vacation Shannon' at all times. I am human. I experienced the most earth-shattering months of my life and I don't wish that pain on anyone."

Shannon opened up about the affair for the first time during Season 10, episode 1. During the show she and David went away for a weekend of intense marriage counseling. It was during their very first session of the weekend that Shannon revealed to "RHOC" viewers David had been unfaithful. She told the other couples in the session she began suspecting something when she caught her husband whispering to someone on the phone. She asked him about the strange phone call, but he insisted it was nothing. It wasn't until Shannon went through David's briefcase, where she found hotel receipts, that her fears were confirmed. 

Fortunately it appears Shannon and David have been able to work through their issues. The "RHOC" star live-tweeted episode 10 along with fans revealing while she and her hubby had been in a very low point at the time, they were "all good." 

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