After seeing his side fall 2-0 at home in the first leg of the Champions League semifinal against Barcelona, Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho conceded that his side remains with only a small chance to qualify for the final, but went on to launch a tirade against Barcelona who he accused of having a lot of influence with the help of which they won on the day and in the past.

Madrid lost out to a late display of class by Messi who scored twice in 11 minutes to deem Madrid to a home loss and a deficit two away goals. It was far from a classic many hoped for, as both teams tried to have opposing players sent off for the second leg through a pathetic display of diving and play acting. Tempers flared and the teams clashed on more occasions than one, including right after the half time whistle next to the tunnel where Barcelona substitute goalkeeper Pinto was sent off at half-time for his role in a melee.

The second half began in much the same way as the first ended. And it wasn't long before another player was sent off. Madrid midfielder Pepe was dismissed for a studs up tackle on Javier Mascherano. Mourinho, in his protestation of the decision in which he sarcastically winked at the referee and mouthed well done, well done, was banished from the technical area and into the stands.

With Pepe no longer on the field, Barca's danger man Lionel Messi had the space that he need. Real were duly exploited, and with 15 minutes remaining, Messi scored two in 11 minutes to seal the tie. It led to an outburst of emotion from an angry Mourinho.

He said, The return game is mission impossible. Barcelona has qualified for the final. Sometimes I feel disgusted about this football world of ours. Yes, we have already been knocked out. 'We had the intention to keep the game at 0-0, then bring on a striker, then a third phase with a No. 10 behind three forwards. But the ref didn't allow it.''

He then turned on Barcelona, citing incidents in the past where Barca were aided in the Champions League as they played against ten men.

I just have one question - Why?,'' he went on. ''Why Ovrebo (Chelsea vs. Barcelona referee in 2007 semi-final), Busacca (Barcelona vs. Arsenal in this year's Champions League), Stark? In each semi-final it is the same. We are talking about an absolutely fantastic team. Why didn't Chelsea make the final? Why did Inter have to be saved by a miracle?

''Congratulations to Barcelona. But I just do not understand why Barcelona always receive the help of the referee. All my life I will be asking myself this question, and one day I hope to receive an answer.

''I am not too sad, I have a great family. But I don't understand why Barcelona have this power. It happened two years ago to Chelsea (in the 2009 semi-finals), almost to my Inter last year, and also to Arsenal this year.

''Why do the opponents of Barcelona always have a man sent off? Where does this power come from? Maybe it is to give more publicity to UNICEF, maybe because of the power of (Spanish federation president Jose Angel) Villar in UEFA.''

He then turned his nose on Pep Guardiola and said, ''Barcelona are a great team on and off the pitch, but winning like that doesn't leave the same taste.  'I have already won two Champions Leagues, and I won them on the pitch, with two teams that weren't Barcelona. I won one with Porto, a small team from a weaker league. And I won another with Inter, sweating and fighting hard.

''Josep Guardiola is a fantastic football coach, but the Champions League he won was an embarrassment because of what happened at Stamford Bridge - it was a scandal. And if he wins it this year, he will win after the scandal at the Bernabeu. Let's hope he gets the chance to win a clean Champions League (in future), without scandals.

''Guardiola deserves to win a Champions League normally. That's what I wish because he is a very good coach who I respect as a person for his fantastic treatment in four years with him. 'I respect him a lot as a coach and as a person, I hope that one day he will win a clean Champions League, with no incidents behind it.''

Real star Cristiano Ronaldo also agreed with his manager's view.

He said, It's always the same with them (Barcelona). This is the fourth consecutive season that something like this has happened. (Jose) Mourinho is right, just look at what happened with Arsenal, Chelsea and Inter. They (Barcelona) are a fantastic team, but they also have a lot of influence, both on and off the pitch.