Disappointed by his perceived lack of support from Real Madrid, forward Cristiano Ronaldo might find some happiness soon, as he could be close to signing an extension with the Bernabeu.

The club is prepared to make an announcement with the Portuguese, pledging an extension will be agreed upon, according to a report by the Independent. ALthough it is not known when the announcement will come.

Three years ago, Real signed Ronaldo to an £80 million contract, and he is now looking for an extension beyond the 2015 season. A report by the Sun suggested the star wants a £25 million per-year salary.

However, the extension may not be signed until after this season as Real decides how to deal with a coming hike in Spain's tax laws.

Spain's current tax rates will jump from 24 percent to 52 percent in two years for anyone earning over £479,000, and Real would have to pay handily for an increase in Ronaldo's salary, according to the Independent.

The so-called "Beckham Law", which Spain passed to alleviate taxes on high-salaried professionals, is set to end in two years. Clubs like Real used the law to sign top notch players like Ronaldo to exorbitant contracts.

Last week rumors swirled as to what could be bothering one of the world's top players. In Los Blancos 3-0 win over Granada, Ronaldo netted two goals, but didn't celebrate either one. After the match, the 27-year-old star expressed "sadness", saying he had a problem with Real's management, but did not elaborate on his reasons.

According to The Independent, Ronaldo felt his club did not support him in campaigning for the world's top individual prizes, like the UEFA Euro Player of the Year award that he lost to Barcelona's Andres Iniesta, and were not open to extending his current contract beyond 2015.

Now the Bernabeu may have moved to quell any uneasiness in their star with a contract extension and their full-support behind his ambitions.

Real might have accelerated their decision to offer the extension after several teams were linked to Ronaldo. In a report by the Mirrior, his old club, Manchester United, have a plan in place to bring him back to Old Trafford.

Russian club Anzhi was also rumored to be in the hunt for Ronaldo's services. However Anzhi sporting director Roberto Carlos denied his club's interest.

"Lots of people have asked me whether Anzhi are after Cristiano Ronaldo," he told Marca. "Cristiano is happy here. If he doesn't want to celebrate his goals, then us, the people watching the games will celebrate them for him."