Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard revealed his desire to play for Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho, inciting speculation for January's transfer session.

Gerrard fueled a possible move to Spain after recently tweeting: ""I would like to play for Mourinho, the Special One."

The 32-year-old captain has played for the Reds his entire professional career, even attending their youth academy, but this is not the first time he and Mourinho have flirted with the chance to work together.

As Mourinho led Chelsea to two Premier League titles in 2004 and 2005, he nearly convinced Gerrard to join the Blues, but the English national said bolting a club for the likes of Madrid and Barcelona was never his style.

“Liverpool weren’t really challenging at the time, so there was something to think about,” Gerrard said to The Sun back in September. “But I ended up saying ‘no’ and a year later I said ‘no’ again.

“I look at some players who get interest from clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona and they cause absolute wars to get out and get there.

“But that has never been me and, again, it just wasn’t going to happen.”

Los Blancos are mired with injuries this season, and the versatile Gerrard could help on both sides of the ball. Throughout his career, Gerrard has played midfield, as well as striker and winger.

He also said Madrid’s Xabi Alonso was the best midfielder he ever had the privilege to play with, and that he wants to team up again. The two played together for five years, winning the Champions League, the FA Cup, and the European Super Cup.

A reunion with Alonso and the chance to play for Mourinho could be possible come January’s transfer session.

Signed through 2015, Gerrard has an estimated worth of £13 million on the transfer market, a price Madrid can certainly afford. Still that value has been contested due to his injuries and advanced age.

As of now, it is uncertain if Liverpool would even consider moving Gerrard.