Rebecca Black has taken the next step towards following Justin Bieber into the Youtube sensation to global stardom path by beating the Canadian teen sensation to become the singer of the 'most disliked' song, 'Friday', on the popular video sharing website.

In an impressive and an unusual feat, the 13-year-old from Anaheim Hills, California, gathered 1,300,000 haters for her song Friday beating Bieber's Baby with over 1,160,000 YouTube 'dislikes', despite the fact that Black's cringe-inducing song lags behind Bieber's hitmaker by over 430 million views. Rebecca's song so far boasts of over 65 million views.

Although the number of dislikes is not a good measurement of popularity, Black's song has managed to kick off a storm due to its surprisingly surging popularity notwithstanding its unedifying lyrics and autotune voice.

Rebecca Black shot to popularity in March 2011 after her song raked up views in millions on YouTube and went on to hit the iTunes Top 100 despite unrelenting criticism. The popularity growth, whether for the right reasons or wrong, was quick: 'Friday' premiered on Youtube on March 11, the video gathered 14 million views in a week, the song stormed into the iTunes Top 100 and on March 17, Black was at number 69 in the digital download chart.

Black came to be tauted as the next Justin Bieber while critics identified her as the singer of the worst song ever. While 'Beliebers' or the fans of the Bieber, however, did not take kindly to the comparisons drawn between the Canadian singer and Black; the eight grader, who fighting against her haters plans to release an album soon, has invited Bieber for a duet.