TRIPOLI- The Syrian refugees fleeing to northern Lebanon stopped on Thursday, as the Syrian and Lebanese authorities set out to close the border, a local media reported.

According to the residents near Lebanese border, the Syrian army has gained control over the villages near border and strengthens their activity at border crossing.

The Syrian army entered the town with tanks, residents said after hearing the gunfire in Arida early Thursday.

Both Syrian and Lebanese armies strengthened their position on their borders preventing Syrians from fleeing to Lebanon.

“The border was completely closed, neither the Syrian army nor Lebanese were allowing any refugees to cross the border,” Ahmad Sayyed, resident near the Lebanese border told local media.

“The Lebanese Army prevented Syrians from even returning to their villages,” Sayyed said.

According to a survey by Lebanon’s Higher Relief Committee, 500 Syrian refugee families are taking refuge in Wadi Khaled and other villages in Akkar.

Many of the refugees were in need of health care, Sayyed said.

Most of the refugees crossed into Lebanon escaping an attack by Syrian army in the town of Tall Kalakh, 5 kilometers from the border with Lebanon.

According to Human Rights Watch, Lebanese Army arrested six Syrian civilians, including one minor, for entering Lebanon illegally on Monday.

Samira Trad, who heads the NGO Frontiers Ruwad condemned the Lebanese Army’s decision to close the border, saying the decision constitutes a violation of human rights and U.N. charters.

“Lebanon should uphold its international commitments and provide medical and humanitarian assistance to those fleeing Syria,” Trad told local media.