After a (very painful) couple-week-long hiatus, the CW’s new drama “Reign” is set to return on Thursday, Feb. 27. The show left off with some major betrayal, a shocking reveal about Clarissa and Queen Catherine’s head on the line -- and things will somehow manage to get even more intense in episode 12, “Royal Blood.”

As we previously reported, episode 12 will put all the Queen Catherine, Mary and Bash drama on the backburner because “Royal Blood” will find Clarissa, the “castle ghost,” front and center. Episode 11 exposed poor disfigured Clarissa as the love child of Queen Catherine and King Henry’s close friend. The reveal of Catherine’s infidelity and illegitimate child provided King Henry with enough information to finally have a reason to behead his wife and name Bash as the official heir to the throne. However that will be the last thing on everyone’s mind when Clarissa goes off the deep end and kidnaps King Henry and Queen Catherine’s two young children.

According to the synopsis, Queen Catherine will be forced to turn to Mary and Bash for help -- and the couple agree to work with the queen! But are the children really in trouble? Or is this just a way for Clarissa to get her mother’s attention?

“I know she feels very close to those two little boys, so there’s some genuine love and affection here,” Clarissa’s Katie Boland dished to E! Online. However Boland also revealed that her character is a bit of a “loose cannon.”

But what leads Clarissa to the bold move of kidnapping her half-brothers? It could be her mother’s betrayal – or Mary’s decision to gift her with a mask.

“I want to help Clarissa,” Mary tells Catherine in a scene from the “Royal Blood” promo video. “How do you intend on coaxing her out of the passages?” Catherine inquires.

Mary’s solution is half of a porcelain mask to hide the gruesome scar marks made on Clarissa as a baby by Nostradamus’ father. After spying on her two younger siblings through a hole in the wall, Clarissa decides to don the mask. But one look in the mirror causes her to smash her reflection. Could that possibly be what lead Clarissa to kidnap the young princes? And does she mean them harm?

“We’re going to be a family,” Clarissa tells the two young boys before leading them into the darkness of the night. “I’m going to take care of you.” Episode 12 of “Reign” will air on the CW on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. What do you think will happen with Clarissa? Watch the promo video for “Royal Blood” below and let us know your theories by tweeting @AmandaTVScoop.