Episode 12 of “Reign” is going to be fantastic for a couple of juicy reasons. For starters, fans are dying to see whom Mary chooses to wed – Francis or Bash. But viewers might not want to watch the royal wedding when “The Consummation” airs on The CW on Thursday night. Why might that be? Because the network is uploading a “too hot for TV” version on its website.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Reign” was forced to edit two sex scenes in the coming episode to meet broadcast content standards. While the network wouldn’t comment on the content of the scenes, one reportedly takes place at the start of episode 12 while the second occurs near the end of it. One of the sex scenes is confirmed to involve Mary, Queen of Scots. But it’s currently unknown if Mary shares the scandalous scene with Bash or his half-brother Francis.

This isn’t the first time “Reign” was forced to cut a scene from an episode. The 16th century period drama, which is currently in its freshman season, was forced to edit a masturbation scene from the pilot episode. The scene in question featured one of Mary’s handmaidens, Kenna, who snuck off to a secluded stairwell after getting aroused by a bedding ceremony. Lifting up her dress to masturbate, Kenna was interrupted by King Henry of France – who offered his assistance. The entire scene wasn’t cut from the pilot episode of “Reign,” but was instead edited so that viewers were left wondering, “was she doing what I think she was doing?”

“Reign” fans will be able to watch episode 12, “The Consummation,” on Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW. But those wishing to see the “too hot for TV” version must wait until Friday morning, when The CW posts the video on their website.

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Episode 12, “The Consummation,” will find Mary taking into consideration her nation and her heart when deciding whether she should wed Bash or Francis. Already a difficult decision, things may take an awkward turn when Francis finally returns to the castle … with Lola at his side. Will she learn that her friend slept with her former fiancé? Or will Lola and Francis’ hookup become the best-kept secret in the castle?

Besides her love triangle, Mary will also be dealing with the arrival of her mother, Marie de Guise. And while Mary may be excited to share her wedding day with family, Marie has “her own agenda” for her daughter – an agenda that could potentially ruin King Henry and Queen Catherine’s plans for the future of France.

Catch the edited version of “Reign’s” episode 12 on Thursday at 9 p.m., or watch the “too hot for TV” version when it’s uploaded to The CW’s website on Friday morning.

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