Thursday will be a nice day … for a “Reign” wedding. After a season of flip-flopping between brothers, Queen Mary is getting ready to walk down the aisle in episode 13, “The Consummation.”

Last time viewers left off, Bash got down on one knee to propose to Mary. The queen of Scotland was initially engaged to Bash’s half-brother, Francis, heir to the French throne, but broke off their engagement after a vision from Nostradamus revealed that her marriage to him would result in his death. Hatching a plan to save Francis’ life and fulfill her obligation to France, Mary proposed to King Henry that he legitimize his bastard son so that she could still marry the future king of France.

King Henry has yet to convince the Pope to annul his marriage to Queen Catherine and legitimize Bash – despite Catherine’s infidelities. Yet the synopsis for episode 13 teases that a wedding will happen either way.

According to “The Consummation” synopsis, “Mary must consider her heart and her nation when deciding whom she will wed – Francis or Bash.” And a wrench will be thrown into the already complicated mix when Francis returns to court … with Lola at his side. “Reign” viewers will remember that the former heir and Mary’s friend hooked up in episode 12. Little did they know that they would be forced to return to court and look Mary in the eye.

If that wasn’t enough to stress the bride, Mary also has to deal with the arrival of her mother, Marie de Guise. Marie reportedly has “her own agenda for Mary” – an agenda that could potentially ruin King Henry and Queen Catherine’s plans for the future of France.

Other fun drama that fans can look forward to? TV Line reports that “a significant death sets in motion events that will force Mary to make an impossible decision.” And Nostradamus will have a new vision that “changes everything.”

As E! Online teases, some fans of the CW series will “be left devastated (while others will celebrate!) when Mary finally reveals which brother she loves more.” Who do you want Mary to end up with? Take the poll below and send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

Episode 13 of “Reign” will air on Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.