“Reign” will be battling issues with the plague when the CW show returns in the fall, but that doesn’t mean new faces won’t be appearing in Season 2. Mary, Francis, Bash and Kenna will be dealing with a whole new set of problems when four characters are introduced.

So, who is the fresh blood in the French castle?  Check out the breakdown:

Princess Claude – “Reign” fans will have new royalty arriving. According to TV Line, Princess Claude is the “never-before-seen” daughter of Queen Catherine and King Henry. Since King Henry’s death was unexpected, Claude might be returning to the castle to mourn her father … or possibly to get a piece of the throne for herself. Whatever her motives for returning to the castle are, she’s described as being “very sexually advanced” and a bit of a trouble maker.

Narcisse – Queen Catherine can do some damage with her harsh words and deadly poisons, however Season 2 will find her using another method to protect herself – sparring. Narcisse, who is described as being “much older,” will become Catherine’s sparring partner and potentially get himself in some trouble within the castle walls.

Conde – “Reign” viewers will meet Conde … or “Prince of the blood.” Details about the mysterious (and oddly named) new character are scarce, but TV Line reports that he’ll strike up an “unusual friendship” with Francis. Fingers crossed that Conde isn’t dangerous.

Prince Thomas – We’re not sure how Prince Thomas is connected to the French royal family, but Francis better watch out. TV Line teases that this new character “may be the next king of France sooner than he’d imagined.”

The writers for the CW drama are currently working on the scripts for the first set of episodes, with filming to begin at the start of July. Thanks to executive producer Brad Silberling, fans already know that the Season 2 premiere is titled “The Plague” and will pick up with a high body count and worried Mary.

Viewers will remember that in the season finale Mary finally came clean to Francis about Lola’s pregnancy and told him to ride off to her aid. However Mary had a change of heart when she learned that the plague was spreading outside the castle walls. Francis left despite Mary’s pleas, and the future Queen was forced to lock the gates behind him. When Season 2 premieres, Francis’ condition will be unknown.

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