If you have seen people flashing boards and passing out flyers reading 'God's judgment day - May 21, 2011' then you can be sure that these claims were most likely made by Harold Camping's prediction of earth's judgment day.

Before deciding whether to believe this Colorado man and spend your life savings for the occasion(as some already have- Mr. Robert Fitzpatrick ), you should know that Camping, president of 'Family Radio', a Christian radio broadcasting network, made the same 'judgment day' claim for September 1994. After seeing the failed results however, he relented by stating that he had made biblical calculation errors.

Camping's claim has received heightened attention followed by harsh criticism from religious leaders in the US and overseas.

According to one religious leader, Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mr. Camping's claims ring a similar bell to another religious group's end-of-the-world prediction for March 21, 1844. Mr. Mohler commented in his blog that popular Christian preachers and writers predicted that Christ would return on various dates are now long in the past. All this is embarrassing enough, but now we have the teachings of Harold Camping to deal with. Given the public controversy, many people are wondering how Christians should think about his claims. 

Mohler explained that Christians were not to establish specific dates for biblical occurences but instead wait for Christ's return doing what Christ had commanded us to do.

Camping believes that various earthquakes will make a deadly impact on the earth on May 21 and that the earth will be destroyed on October 21.

 His campaign flyers have reportedly reached even the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.