Remember Google+? That red-hot, exclusive, and invite-only social networking service?

Now, you don't hear about it as much.  And when you do, it's often someone writing about how it's in decline.

89n recently shared that the number of public Google+ posts per user decreased from 0.68 per day between Jul. 19 and Aug. 19 to 0.40 per day between Aug. 19 to Sept. 14, which is a drop of 41 percent.

89n gathered the data from its ManageFlitter service. 

It's now been a while since I've last visited or posted anything on Google+, confessed Robin Wauters of TechCrunch in a post about 89n's data.

CNET pointed out that even Google CEO Larry Page isn't actively penning public posts on Google+. 

Google Trends, meanwhile, shows that the search frenzy for Google+ has certainly died down from early July.


Data from Google+ Statistics show that while the most popular users are still gaining followers, the rate of increase has decelerated.

Most followed user Mark Zuckerberg, for example, gained tens of thousands of followers per day back in July.  In September, however, he's lucky to break 1,000 per day.

The three data points mentioned above, of course, are rather indirect and far from conclusive.  89n's data, especially, has been attacked for its relevancy and accuracy (just read the comments on the post's page). 

Posting on Google+ every single day and finding an active, vibrant, engaging community -- more so than any other site on the web. The photographic community is on fire there and doing really amazing things with photography and art. One thing that it think happens as people use G+ more is your private sharing significantly increases and none of this activity can be measured by things like ManageFlitter, commented one user on Wauters' article.

However, the data, whatever their flaws, do point to deceleration and even decline.  Google, on its part, has not recently released any official data that counters the assumption that Google+ is slowing down.