Maria von Trapp, the third-eldest child of the Trapp Family Singers, who inspired the beloved Hollywood film “The Sound of Music," died on Tuesday at age 99. To celebrate her life, we've gathered together some of the best songs from the Oscar-winning film of 1965.

“The Hills Are Alive”

The film opens up with Maria, played by Julie Andrews, singing on the mountaintop, as she breathes in the fresh air and revels in the beauty that surrounds her.

“How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?”

Maria might want to be a nun, but her sisters don’t think she’s cut out for the job. The women discuss and sing about Maria’s position, and though they mostly agree she’s a kind, funny woman, they also think she is not “an asset to the abbey.”

“16 Going on 17”

Ah, young love. Maria and Captain von Trapp aren’t the only ones who have a blossoming love. The eldest von Trapp daughter is infatuated with a young man and the two sing together about taking care of each other.  

“My Favorite Things”

This song is arguably the most famous one to emerge from the film. Maria tries to calm the children during a thunderstorm and they all begin to sing about their favorite things. Who doesn’t love whiskers on kitten?

“Do Re Mi”

In the film, Maria is the one who teaches the children how to sing. She takes them out of the house and instructs them on the basics. The children, naturally, fall in love with music after learning Maria’s catchy tune.


When the captain sings “Edelweiss” to his children, it’s the first time they’ve heard him sing since their mother died. It’s an important turning point in the movie and it’s also one of the most beautiful songs in the film.

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