An inclusive relationship with Turkey can help Europe mitigate global risks posed by energy security and demographics, a new report said on Monday.

“Turkey is perceived by many as a source of risk to Europe; it may be just the opposite, a potential source of major risk mitigation,” noted Thierry Malleret, Director and Head of Global Challenges Team at the World Economic Forum.

The report, Europe@Risk suggested that Europe look beyond is current continental problems and should instead focus on establishing a long-term relationship with Turkey to learn from their shared common risks. Turkey can help raise Europe’s geopolitical profile and suggest ways for Europe to successfully integrate its minority groups, the report said.

“Europe needs to look at Turkey in the context of the wider global risks facing it in the future. Turkey needs to make sure that it can present itself as a risk mitigator, rather than as a source of risk,” added Charles Emmerson, Global Leadership Fellow of the Global Challenges Team.

The report said that Turkey can serve as a “medium” for Europe in at least four of the major global risks facing Europe over the next 10-20 years: oil supply shock/energy supply interruptions, international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as interstate issues and civil wars.

The Director for Europe at the World Economic Forum, Felix Howald referred to the recent infrastructural developments and business privatization as key reasons for the two to work together. Howard referred to Turkey as “an important hub for businesses”.

Later this month, the World Economic Forum will be held in Istanbul where participants will discuss the decision to Turkey’s EU accession, Turkey’s geopolitical role and the countries openness in creating business opportunities and competitiveness.