Articles by Catherine Dunn

Catherine Dunn is a senior writer for the International Business Times, covering consumer finance. She previously worked as a reporter for Fortune, and for Corporate Counsel. She also spent five years in Mexico City, where she was managing editor of Inside México, an English-language magazine. Her work has appeared in outlets including PeopleCity LimitsThe Boston Globe, and The Virginian-Pilot.  


Bullets Beyond Recall

A string of faulty product allegations against one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers is reigniting tension between consumer safety and America’s affection for unregulated firearms.

Rent Too High For Many: Study

Hispanics, millennials and seniors are among those facing burdens in the coming decade, says a study by Harvard and Enterprise Community Partners.


Pachacamac Mummy

1000-Year-Old Mummy Discovered In Peru

The team has sent samples for analysis and carbon-14 dating, but their preliminary analysis, considering the tomb and the location of the find, suggests that the mummy was buried sometime around 1000-1200 AD.