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  • Missing New York Beauty Salons: Here Beauty Never Shuts Up

    Am I the only woman in the world who doesn't like going to the salon? Whether it's for a manicure, a haircut or a color, I actively dread the experience. Not because I dislike the procedures themselves, but because I can't stand having to spend hours of my life engaged in inane chitchat with the stylist.
  • Tripping the Night Fantastic

    We all know that New York is called The City that Never Sleeps, but I don't think I ever appreciated just how true that is until I moved to London.
  • International Center Of Photography Features WeeGee, The Father Of Tabloid Coverage

    The WeeGee: Murder is My Business exhibition includes a mix of raw imagery, crimes and news reports of the time; resulting in a truly graphic collection of photographs which pride themselves on being unshakable from the mind. Many of WeeGee's images, such as the Naked City, which is displayed at the center's museum in all its frightening glory- once inspired the early tabloid newspapers and are partly responsible for making tabloid journalism what it is today!
  • City Police Still Searching for Harlem Pharmacy Robber

    Officers in Sandy Springs, Ga., are still looking out for a suspect that fled the robbery of an East Harlem pharmacy on Thursday. His alleged accomplice Rudolf Wyatt, who was shot dead by police, has been revealed as a fugitive wanted for murder around the Georgia area.
  • Lonely? Retire In New York

    If you live alone, is it better to be in a city like New York and be surrounded by so many people so you can feel a part of something just by virtue of proximity? Or does being that close to humanity without any significant connections only exacerbate feelings of loneliness? I think it would be great to be old in New York City. I'd take the dogs out for a walk in Battery Park, I'd sit on the park benches by the river with a stack of books that I'm plowing through, and I'd rock up to ...
  • New York Invades France

    I just got back from a weekend in Paris. Yes, a weekend. Living in London, it's an easy thing to do to hop on the Eurostar and emerge on the other side of the English Channel two hours later. Timewise, it's just like traveling from New York to Philly. Well, sort of.
  • Say What? Vegas Out-Decibels New York

    I used to think New York City was loud. It was especially bad around mid-town, where there was unending construction around Second Avenue and the lower 60s. But now I can only say, Say what? Vegas out-decibels even New York City.
  • Through The Eyes Of A New Neighborhood: Battery Park City

    I've lived in four different neighborhoods in New York City, all of them very different and interesting in their own way. The one that surprised me the most was the last place I lived - Battery Park City.
  • SWSX Festival 2012 Update: The Men, Beauty Bar, Mr. Dream Found Bushmills and Lemonade In Hazy Hot Sun

    The first odd thing I see this morning is a man on 11th street with a tiny drum kit and a cymbal attached to the bike helmet he's wearing. Have some chips to start the day at a bar and move out. The Men sound hazy half drunk and 100% live which is a hot brand to the face in this Southern Texas City, southerner than all of Arizona and New Mexico and California at the Beauty Bar for the Consequence of Sound party.
  • Through the Eyes of a New Neighborhood: What is It Like to Live on the Far Lower-Upper East Side?

    I left my stable secure job to do it, and with it my stable secure paycheck which funded my nice apartment in Greenwich Village. A friend of a friend was subletting a fifth floor walkup on the corner of 64th & 1st, a veritable no-mans land to me. It was tiny and cheap, with nary a doorman to be found.
  • Through the Eyes of a New Neighborhood: What Is It Like to Live in Greenwich Village?

    A friend of mine lived in a one bedroom apartment in The Devonshire, a beautiful pre-war building on the corner of 10th and University in the heart of NYU. I got really lucky and an apartment came on the market and I moved in.
  • Concrete and Plastic Makeover for Coney Island Boardwalk

    Many New Yorkers may be sad about the end of the wooden constuction for the Coney Island boardwalk. But nostalgia has given way to both practical and environmental concerns
  • Grief and Anger at Ramarley Graham's Service

    Funeral services were held on Saturday for Ramarley Graham, the unarmed 16-year-old shot and killed by police in his home earlier this month.
  • Anthony Shadid Honored with Polk Award

    Anthony Shadid has been posthumously honored wih the Polk Award for his long career of valorous and wholly excellent reporting in the Middle East.
  • Another Body Discovered in Long Island

    The Long Island Central Pine Barrens, a forest in the eastern part of Long Island, is the site of another gruesome discovery, more human bones.
  • New Anti-Gun Initiative Launched by Cuomo

    Governor Cuomo has launched a campaign to stop gun violence in New York State.
  • How Did Whitney Houston Die?

    When Is Whitney Houston's Funeral? Where to Watch Online?

    The funeral for Whitney Houston, the beloved Pop diva from Newark, will be held at 12:00 EST. It will be streamed live for the millions of Whitney Houston fans by the Associated Press, and will be televised on certain local TV stations. Be sure to check local listings to find out where.
  • Through the Eyes of a New Neighborhood: Each Its Own Country

    Like many New Yorkers, I've moved house more than once.Unlike some of my (crazier) friends, I can't stand it. The one silver lining is that moving to a new neighborhood is like moving to an altogether different city but without the burden of having to make new friends.
  • New York City Poverty-Fighting Efforts Win Praise

    New York's poverty-fighting efforts have been acknowledged by The Harvard Kennedy School. It has awarded a city office that Mayor Michael Bloomberg created six years ago for its work in helping poor people graduate, giving career advice and job training, and counseling them throughout.
  • Hospitals Trying to Get Paid, Alleged to Take Advantage of Poor Patients

    New York hospitals are aggressively going after patients, poor patients, in ways that break state rules, according to The New York Times.