A senior Egyptian army commander has reportedly told protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square on that Everything you want will be realized,” according to Al-Jazeera, suggesting that President Hosni Mubarak may soon be steeping down acceding to the protesters’ demands.

According to media reports, the crows roared its approval.

The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces had met to discuss the ongoing protests against Mubarak.
On state television, an army official said the military will fulfill its responsibilities to safeguard the homeland as well as the resources, property and assets of the Egyptian people.

Hassam Badrawi, the secretary general of the ruling National Democratic Party, told British media that he expects Mubarak to hand over his office to Omar Suleiman, the vice-president.

Also, Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq told the BBC that the president may step down on tonight, and that the situation would be clarified soon.

These developments come on the 17th day of anti-government unrest in the country.