Despite having died over the weekend, Andy Rooney managed to generate yet a few more headlines during his memorial service Tuesday.

According to TMZ, Rooney's Colgate University roommate, Bob Ruthman, had a heart attack during a lunchtime memorial and was erroneously called dead -- by Rooney's son, no less -- before paramedics revived him.

The memorial was being held at New York's exclusive Century Club.

Though TMZ initially reported that Ruthman had died at the event, the site eventually upgraded his condition to alive. Witnesses told the site that the expired 60 Minutes commentator's son, Brian Rooney, climbed atop a chair to advise the crowd that Ruthman had expired.

Luckily, firefighters were able to revive Ruthman, and he's currently in intensive care at a New York hospital, according to TMZ.

Rooney died Friday night at the age of 92, after suffering complications from minor surgery. The death occurred mere weeks after he delivered his final regular commentary on 60 Minutes, which he had delivered since 1978.