When real estate mogul Donald Trump, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio take the stage Wednesday night, there will be a lot of pressure on each of them -- and the other seven Republican candidates sharing the stage -- to deliver strong performances. There will be the viewers at home, wondering which of the candidates deserve their vote. But there also will be the Twitter universe waiting eagerly to write snappy comments and jokes at the GOP’s expense.

The main debate was slated for 8 p.m. EDT and an earlier debate for low-polling candidates began at 6 p.m. EDT. The CNBC debate marks the third time all of the cream of the GOP crop will be on the same stage at the same time. If past debates are any indication, individual performances could put fire behind any one of the candidates and propel them higher in the polls. For some, however, the debate is seen as one of the last good chances to show off to voters and potential donors that they’re worth a second look.

While the stakes are high, there is still plenty of time for upsets in the race. The first votes in the nominating season won’t be cast until Feb. 1, just over three months after the third debate. Carson was in fifth place before the first debate in August, but has since moved up to second place, according to an average of national polls by Real Clear Politics. Some recent polls even have him beating Trump, who enjoyed over 100 days at the head of the pack. Carson’s ascent took place in just over two months.

As the 10 candidates try to show they’re legitimate contenders for their party’s nomination, take a look here for a live update of tweets with insight and humor from across the nation. Who will come out on top is anyone’s guess, but the night is almost certain to have its fair share of memorable moments. Happy debate watching!

















































































Note: The top 10 candidates are now on the debate stage.