Nearly 40 percent of Americans said they were personally harmed by U.S. budget sequestration, up from about 25 percent in March, according to the most recent poll conducted by Langer Research Associates on behalf of ABC News and the Washington Post.

Eighteen percent of those polled said the federal budget cuts caused “major” harm. Republicans were 14 percentage points more likely than Democrats were to report they had personally experienced negatives impact from the sequester, according to analysis of the poll by Dana Kraushar and Gary Langer of the Langer Research Associates.

Predictably, those who said they had felt no impact of sequestration in their lives were more optimistic about the country’s economic recovery than those who said they had. Among those who reported they aren’t feeling the impact of budget cuts, 66 percent said they believed the U.S. economic recovery is well under way, while among those who reported they are feeling the sting of sequestration, only 36 percent said they thought the economy was in recovery.

Here's what the numbers look like: