The latest release in the classic zombie-horror franchise, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be getting some free downloadable content in the near future. According to MSNBC's In Game, the new DLC will arrive on April 10th, and contains the Spec-Ops squad from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

The game was released on March 20th, and has since received some major flak and criticism from fans and reviewers alike. Operation Raccoon City was said to stray from the Resident Evil stigma, the first move in Capcom's attempt to shift from survival horror to action adventure. Some critics also pointed out that multiplayer mode is key and character AI is strongly lacking.

The human AI is somehow more brain-dead than the shambling corpses, wrote Tim Turi of Game Informer. I've seen teammates run headlong into laser mines and enemy soldiers practice power squats behind cover or straight up ignore me.

The game focuses on the Umbrella Corporation and their mission to eradicate all traces of involvement by swiping the T-Virus from infected Raccoon City. In a plot twist title, gamers play as the bad guys in this installment of the franchise. But the new DLC said to be available next month will allow players to take on the alternate role, revisiting a scene from Resident Evil 3.

As a Spec Ops character in the DLC, players will try to preserve evidence of Umbrella's involvement in the outbreak, acting as a counter to the main campaign mode. The additional content will feature a scene in which Jill Valentine is being chased through the streets of Raccoon City by Nemesis, and players will have to aid her against the enemy.

Perhaps the free downloadable content will make up for some of the shortcomings gamers experienced. However, some fans voiced their opinion, saying they don't think DLC will be worth it.

I don't care much for any content exclusives especially seeing as the PC gamers always seem to lose either way, one fan commented under an article on This DLC Console Exclusives has to stop.

To check out some of the gameplay in ORC, see the video below.