“Resurrection” Season 2 continued to bring the twists and turns in episode 7. After Bellamy (Omar Epps) was given medication in the last episode, Maggie (Devin Kelley) was ready to give it to Rachael (Kathleen Munroe). However, the mother-to-be proved that some decisions can’t be made by science.

Rachael had a dream about the fire at the factory  and she couldn’t get anyone out. She met Margaret (Michelle Fairley) in the dream, and she told Rachael that some of those men would die -- but she was more surprised by Rachael’s pregnancy.

“That must be a very special baby,” Margaret said. Rachael woke up in the hospital, but Margaret woke up at the Langston’s home. She had the same dream Rachael did.

Maggie wanted to give Rachael the medication that Bellamy gave her, but she wasn’t sure that she trusted untested medicine on a pregnant woman. Even though Rachael would die without it, Rachael herself wasn’t sure that she wanted to endanger the baby. Tom (Mark Hildreth) didn’t understand why it was even a question for her. Janice (Lori Beth Sikes) explained that he needed to have faith that Rachael would choose the right option. Tom still thought she could be convinced.

Rachael told Tom that her dream earlier reassured her. She would be fine. Tom tried to convince her otherwise, but she passed out with blood coming from her ears. Tom tried to convince Maggie to force Rachael to take the medication. Of course, Maggie couldn’t give her patient something that she explicitly refused before.

Bellamy told Tom that he had the medication. He could give some of his stash to Rachael. Tom took him up on the offer, and they snuck into Rachael’s room—but Maggie caught them before they could give her the injection.

“Do you even know if this would work at this stage?” Maggie asked.

“Yes, he does. He knows it works, tell her,” Tom said.

Tom realized that he almost revealed to Maggie that Bellamy was a Returned, and he backed down. He knew it wasn’t what Rachael wanted anyway.

Maggie had questions though. She wanted to know why Bellamy had any of the medication.

“Because I’m a Returned,” he said.

Bellamy explained his whole history. Maggie was angry that Bellamy kept this from her. “You keep lying to me, Marty. So how can I trust you?” she asked.

When Maggie went back into the hospital, Rachael woke up and was fine. Maggie couldn’t explain it, but she was completely healthy. That put the doctor in a better mood when she saw Bellamy. He explained that he was afraid being a Returned would define him.

“I died, Maggie,” Bellamy said.

“We all have issues,” she laughed.

Rachael was kept overnight for observation and that’s when Margaret tracked her down. The older woman explained that the earlier dream was actually a memory for her. They agreed that they could feel the presence of the man who was burning in the factory. He Returned and he was angry.

Margaret had seen the man in a photo earlier that night. She had dinner with the man (Kyle Secor) investing in the rebuilding of the old factory, and the man in the fire was in a picture at the investor's house. Margaret knew it wasn’t a coincidence and nearly ran out.

She returned home to find an upside down red cross painted on her door. It seems that a new vigilante group in Arcadia doesn’t like the Returned. While the group has been meeting for a while without any action, Deputy Carl’s (Chris Berry) new membership and Ray’s (Travis Young) illness has scared them into fighting. Ray seems to have the same virus the Returned are fighting, and if that’s the case, they’re going to be anxious to get all of the Returned out of Arcadia before everyone is infected.

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