Bellamy resurrection 206 recap
Bellamy (Omar Epps) discovered that he was first born in 1934 on "Resurrection" Season 2 episode 6. ABC/Guy D'Alema

“Resurrection” Season 2 episode 6 had plenty of action in Arcadia. Margaret (Michelle Fairley) lied and said that she hadn’t seen Barbara (April Billingsley) when she disappeared, but Maggie (Devin Kelley) and Fred (Matt Craven) knew she was lying. A buyer (Kyle Secor) offered to invest in the Langston factory, but he seemed to be working for his grandfather, a Returned man who has something against the Langstons. Elaine’s brother Ray (Travis Young) joined an anti-Returned group. Yet the most interesting parts of “Resurrection” Season 2 episode 6 happened outside of Arcadia. Bellamy (Omar Epps) finally got some answers.

Bellamy was being treated in a government facility. He was letting his government bosses experiment on him to cure the virus. They discovered that it was a mutated form of Spanish flu. However, the virus was mutating too quickly to create a vaccine. They gave Bellamy an experimental treatment, but he demanded to see his boss (Donna Murphy) before taking it.

She told him that most likely a Returned brought the virus back with them. They mutated it so that only the Returned can get it. As Bellamy got some answers he examined her ID tag, which didn’t give her name or her department. However, her clearance was L2. She told him that she was a statistician.

She advised him to take the experimental treatment—but Bellamy doesn’t like to follow orders. He knocked out his doctor and stole his ID card. He snuck into his boss' office and discovered her name is Angela. He saw her board piecing together clues of a plane crash. However, he was distracted by his own file. Angela had a post it note stating that he first died in 1934 and Returned in 1972. He was a Double Returned.

Angela came in and explained to him that she didn’t know who he was until she saw his birthmark today. Bellamy demanded to know everything. She told him that he drowned in a flood in 1934 at six-months-old. When he Returned in 1934 in Chicago, social services assumed that he was abandoned.

He wanted to find his birth parents. Angela told him that they met already. He helped the Thompsons in Arcadia, but they disappeared three days ago after fighting the virus. Yet his sister Jenny (Nadej Bailey) was still alive.

He visited Jenny at the government facility. She seemed to be in some sort of playroom that looked more like a daycare than a secret government lab. “I know this place is not home,” Bellamy said. “But you’ll be safe here. … As soon as it’s safe for you, I’m going to bring you back to Arcadia with me. Would you like that?”

She seemed to be pleased with that plan. Jenny gave him a drawing of her family that included Robert, her baby brother. It seems that Bellamy didn’t want to explain that he was her brother just yet.

Soon enough, he was headed back to Arcadia. Just before he left, he hid a phone in a drawer under medical supplies. Luckily, he tucked the phone away just before Angela came in.

Bellamy asked about the bulletin board in her office tracking a plane crash. An earlier flashback made it look like Angela was the lone survivor of a plane crash as a young girl (Taplin Saulas).

“It’s just a hobby of mine,” she said.

Bellamy didn't believe her, but he moved on to her job as a statistician. He wanted all the answers he could get while he was there. She said numbers didn’t lie.

“Everything in nature is subject to pattern and is therefore subject to prediction,” Angela said.

She seemed to think that she could predict the Returned. Bellamy didn’t stick around to argue with her, even though he didn't believe the Returned could be predicted. He headed out, but they obviously had to sedate him so he wouldn’t know his location. They didn’t realize that Bellamy would use the GPS on his phone to locate where the facility was.

Not all of Bellamy’s choices were so smart. He returned to Arcadia and gave Maggie his medication. It would not cure him, but it would keep him alive for 10 days as long as he injected himself with one vial every 12 hours. He only kept only one vial for himself and asked Maggie to distribute the rest. Bellamy took a small dose to try and make his one vial of medicine last.

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