Resurrection” fans are in for some bad news: Pastor Tom (Mark Hildreth) seems to be dead. After being hit by a car in episode 8, a new sneak peek video from Season 2, episode 9 shows a memorial for him. However, it isn’t very peaceful. The anti-Returned group shows up to protest Tom’s memorial.

Joey (Cullen Moss) won’t comply when Fred (Matt Craven) asks him to leave. Joey explains they’re conducting a silent protest, even though Tom wasn’t a Returned.

“He was a sympathizer. Makes him just as bad as they are,” Joey says.

Henry (Kurtwood Smith) immediately recognized Joey as one of the men who put the upside down crosses on the houses of the Returned. “Does that make you feel good, Joey? Scaring people? You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Henry says as Fred tries to hold him back.

“Look whose talking. Four generations!” Joey shouts. “That’s how long my family spent working at your factory. Did you know that? And we gave the Langstons all we had, like everyone else in this town. For what? So you abandoned it when things got hard? Abandoned us? That factory was our life. Just because your kid died doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to suffer for it.”

Henry can’t take it anymore and tackles the young man to the ground. Lucille (Frances Fisher) goes running to him to break up the fight while their son Jacob (Landon Gimenez) looks on.

Watch the sneak peek video for “Resurrection” Season 2, episode 9 below:

“Resurrection” Season 2, episode 9 airs Sunday, Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. How do you feel about Tom’s apparent death? Sound off in the comments section below!