The Retrode 2, a USB device that combines game consoles and emulators and lets fans of retro games play age-old SNES and Genesis games on their Personal Computers or MACs, is set to bring the old days of gaming back.

The Retrode 2 has slots for SNES and Genesis cartridges but to play the games one needs an emulator, types of which are available for free on the Internet. The USB box has four controller ports and does not require any particular driver to be downloaded, regardless of the operating system the gamer is using.

The adapter is easy to use, configure and update. The games can be played either using joysticks or gamepads.

Unlike the previous Retrode, which was released in 2010 and had an aluminum body, the second-gen Retrode comes with a plastic body and a cover that protects the cartridge slots from dust. The new Retrode 2 includes voltage options, allowing the user to choose between 3.3v and 5v.

The device will go on sale on Jan. 23, for $85 / €65.