Fans of “The Returned”/“Les Revenants” have had questions about Lucy (Ana Girardot) since day one, and they finally got answers in Season 2, episode 3, of the French SundanceTV series. Episode 3, titled “Morgane,” reveals a frightening secret about the character through a flashback.

The latest episode of “Les Revenants” kicks off 35 years prior to the events today. Lucy is out with a guy named Morgane (Vladimir Consigny) when she realizes that she has to return home. Morgane accompanies her, but it’s not an easy trek. A big storm hits as the two run across the road on top of the dam. It turns out that that was the fateful day the dam broke and flooded the town. It starts to break as they’re running across it, but Morgane and Lucy manage to get to the other side just in time to see the water cover their town.

They join others who live on the mountain -- like Madame Costa (Laetitia de Fombelle), Victor (Swann Nambotin), and Milan (Michaël Abiteboul) -- to watch the destruction. But when Milan beckons for Lucy to come with him, she follows.

Cut to present day, and Lucy is freaking out over Milan. She had a dream of him and knows that he wants to “do harm” to her and the others. Simon (Pierre Perrier) tries to comfort her, but there is no time to dwell on Milan, because more of the returned arrive at her door. Surprisingly, one of them is Morgane. But he’s not lively like some of the others. He comes back as one of the silent zombies.

“I didn’t know he was dead,” she tells Simon as she gently touches her ex-beau.

Les Revenants Lucy & Morgane Lucy (Ana Girardot) is reunited with her former lover, Morgane (Vladimir Consigny), in Season 2, episode 3, of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV

Meanwhile, back on the side of the living, the soldiers are still looking into the mysterious deaths of the police. They were able to remove the bodies from the trees where they found them tied up and determine that they were killed about six months ago with a handgun. It’s revealed that they were dead before they were taken into the woods and tied up -- but it’s not clear why they were found that way. The other twist is that there were only 21 bodies found, meaning that one is missing. They don’t know who it is yet, so the missing person could possibly be Thomas (Samir Guesmi) or Laure (Aliz Poisson).

And that’s not the only mystery that the soldiers have to solve. Thanks to Berg’s (Laurent Lucas) discovery of the sinkhole, they’re sending some men in to determine if it’s related to the flood. The issue is that at 500 feet down it gets too narrow to go any further, so they must bring in some cameras. The cameras lose connection – but not before revealing what appears to be a person underground.

How did Berg even discover the sinkhole? He admits that he used to live in the town before the dam broke.

Elsewhere, Serge (Guillaume Gouix) and Lena (Jena Thiam) are reunited. Unfortunately it’s not a joyous occasion. Milan is there, and Serge is afraid of what his father might do to her. He tells Lena that she has to go home, but Lena drops a bombshell on him -- Toni (Grégory Gadebois) is alive. She begs him for information on Camille (Yara Pilartz), but Serge lies and tells her that he doesn’t know where she is. Lena wants to question Milan, but Serge grabs her before she can make a move.

“I’ll take you, but don’t go near him,” he warns her.

Lena listens, but Milan doesn’t get the memo. He tells his son to take her to the clearing in the woods so that they can help her find her sister. And that’s not a nice offer.

On the side of the dead, Camille wakes to find Audrey (Armande Boulanger) and Esteban (Thomas Doret) standing over her bed. They still have many questions about returning, and Camille explains to them that she too couldn’t sleep at first and that her hunger subsided. But Camille doesn’t have all the answers. She confirms that the people that tried to stop them are dead as well, but she doesn’t know why they look like zombies when she and her friends don’t. She suggests that the reason is that they died a long time ago.

Les Revenants Camille, Audrey & Esteban Camille (Yara Pilartz, left) answers questions for Audrey (Armande Boulanger, center) and Esteban (Thomas Doret) in Season 2, episode 3, of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV

The conversation takes an ugly turn when Audrey and Esteban ask about their families. Despite the wish of Claire (Anne Consigny) to keep them in the dark, Camille tells Esteban that his parents committed suicide. The news upsets him and he later sneaks out of the house. Camille wants to go after him, but Claire stops her, fearing for her daughter’s safety. Claire has no plans on being held back by her mother. The two fire off harsh words at each other until Claire finally slaps her daughter. Claire stands there in shock, giving Camille the opportunity to grab the key off her mother’s neck and unlock the door to chase after Esteban with Virgil (Ernst Umhauer), the mysterious boy who helped her last time.

At Lucy and Simon’s house, things are equally complicated. Every room is full of the returned, and they’re quickly running out of space. But they have a bigger issue on their hands. If Milan finds them, they’ll have to move.

Simon’s not staying anyway. Lucy tells him that his son is waiting for him and that he has to bring him back to the house. “We need him,” she says. But she doesn’t explain why.

Adèle (Clotilde Hesme) might have no issue giving the baby up. Although the doctor didn’t want to release her from the hospital, they allow her to return home with the baby. Chloé (Brune Martin) and Père Jean-François (Jérôme Kircher) are there as well, but she doesn’t want to deal with any of them. She even gets upset when Chloé names the baby Nathan. But Adèle actually has good reason to be upset. It turns out that Nathan was what Simon wanted to name Chloé had she been a boy – something that she never revealed to her daughter. Adèle gets even more upset when she overhears Chloé singing a song to the baby that Simon had wrote for her. She tells Père Jean-François that Simon is haunting them through the baby.

The Returned Simon Adèle thinks that Simon (Pierre Perrier, pictured) is haunting her in Season 2, episode 3, of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV

Père Jean-François tries to convince her that the baby is just a continuation of her love for Simon, but Adèle insists otherwise. She reassures Père Jean-François that she doesn’t love Simon anymore and then kicks him out.

Père Jean-François is not the only one getting the boot. Julie (Céline Sallette) and Victor wake up to find that Victor’s brother, Paul (Martin De Myttenaere), has also returned. Victor doesn’t seem to pleased about it, but he reluctantly sits next to his family. As the family “bonds,” Madame Costa tells Julie that she no longer belongs there because Victor doesn’t need her anymore. But Julie doesn’t know where to go.

While Julie doesn’t know where to go, others like Pierre (Jean-François Sivadier) are trying to get to where she is. He has Toni locked up in the basement of the Helping Hand and is trying to convince him that it’s for his own safety. Pierre wants to know where the other returned are, but Toni insists that he doesn’t know. He explains that the only thing he remembers is Julie stopping him from jumping off the dam.

Pierre and the others act friendly toward Toni, but when they close the door on him, Pierre tells the men guarding him to make sure that he doesn’t get any food.

What does Pierre really want with the information he’s trying to get from Toni? It’s still unclear.

On the other side, “Les Revenants” fans learn more about Virgil, the mysterious boy in the varsity jacket that is helping Camille. He tells her that he was born on Oct. 1, 1957, which makes him the same age as Camille’s father. He’s able to explain to her the real reason why some of the other returned acts like zombies – they had no one waiting for them, hoping that they’d return. When Camille asks if he had someone waiting for him, he tells her that he has his parents. However, he doesn’t know if they’re alive or dead and doesn’t want to talk about it any further with Camille.

Les Revenants Virgil & Camille Virgil (Ernst Umhauer) opens up to Camille (Yara Pilartz) in Season 2, episode 3, of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV

At Julie’s house, she’s still deciding if she wants to stay with Victor or go. When she overhears Victor yelling that his brother is hurting him, she runs downstairs to protect him, but it turns out that Victor doesn’t need protecting. Victor and Paul claim that they were just playing -- but were they?

Victor’s mother ushers Paul away to clean up and Victor takes that time to confront Julie about leaving. Julie thinks that he needs her, but Victor breaks the cold news to her.

“I don’t need you,” he tells her. “It’s you who needs me.”

Victor adds that the child would have been “unhappy” with her. Julie doesn’t know what he’s talking about though. He tells her that she was pregnant the night that she was attacked in the tunnel.

“It’s better for him that he died,” he says before walking away.

Les Revenants Victor & Julie In Season 2, episode3 of "Les Revenants," Victor (Swann Nambotin) tells Julie (Céline Sallette) that she was with child before she was attacked all those years ago. Photo: SundanceTV

That’s not the only bombshell dropped in episode 3 of “The Returned.” Simon meets up with Chloé again, who confesses that she’s afraid her mother will hurt the baby. “She doesn’t love him,” she tells her dad.

Simon promises her that he’s there now to take care of it, but Chloé is afraid that he’ll leave her behind again. She makes her father promise to take her with him.

But Adèle seems to finally be growing fond of the baby. When Nathan starts to cry she goes to pick him up. Simon finds the baby asleep next to his ex on the bed.

The episode ends with a shocking development. Serge does lead Lena into the clearing in the woods and proceeds to shoot her in the face. His father watches from nearby, but then goes to check on the body. He finds that she’s not dead, and that Serge tried to trick him with a blank. Because Serge didn’t listen to him, Milan takes out his knife and stabs her. He gives Serge two options -- leave Lena to bleed to death or finish her off. But Serge chooses to take door three. He yells at his father to shut up and proceeds to shoot him in the chest -- this time for real. The moment causes Lucy to wake from her sleep. But as fans of the series know, the dead don’t stay dead.

Another flashback to 35 years ago reveals that Morgane confronted Milan after Lucy went missing. She was last seen with Milan after the dam broke when he forced her to walk with him. Not one to be intimidated by others, Milan made his goonies toss Morgane in the basement. But Morgane wasn’t alone in the room. Lucy’s body was decomposing in there.

“She’s saved now,” Milan explains. “I’ve washed her of all her sins.”

Cut back to present day, Serge is carrying Lena to were the returned are living. He leaves her in Camille’s backyard. Camille finds her twin and carries her inside, but things don’t look good for her.

Episode 3 of “Les Revenants” ends with Julie finally leaving and walking straight into the flood zone.