The Returned Chloé & Adèle
Chloé (Brune Martin, right) confronts Adèle (Clotilde Hesme, left) about the baby in the Season 2 premiere of "The Returned." Jean-Claude Lother/Haut ET Court TV/Canal +

It’s been almost three years since the end of Season 1, but “The Returned” is back. Season 2 of the French TV series, which also goes by the name “Les Revenants,” premiered on SundanceTV Halloween night -- and boy, was it spooky.

The Season 2 premiere, titled “The Child,” picks up just six months after the events from the Season 1 finale. Adèle (Clotilde Hesme) is now super pregnant -- and not doing well. Fans meet back up with the character as she’s bleeding and being transported to the hospital via ambulance. However, the drive takes an odd twist when the normal highway somehow turns into a dead end dirt road. Did the driver take a wrong turn? Or does some larger force not want Adèle to end up at the hospital? But that’s not Adèle ’s only problem. Something inside her stomach bulges while the EMTs try to figure out what went wrong. It’s almost as if the baby inside is trying to break out.

When Adèle reawakens she’s at the hospital. It’s revealed that she fell down the stairs and fainted. They tried to bring her to another hospital across the valley; however, the ambulance “ran into trouble.” The good news is that the baby is fine. But there is more to that story.

Meanwhile, “The Returned” viewers learn more about what happened in those six months since the horde. Following the flood, the military took over the small French mountain town. Parts of the area are still flooded, but they’re working on rectifying the situation with the help of a new investigator, Berg (Laurent Lucas). Berg claims he’s from the area -- so does that mean he may know some of the returned?

The Returned Berg
Berg (Laurent Lucas) is the new investigator who arrives during "The Returned" Season 2 premiere -- but he also has a history with the town. Jean-Claude Lother/Haut ET Court TV/Canal +

Whatever Berg’s story may be, he’s got a lot of work cut out for him. The water had risen to the third level within just a few minutes -- something that Berg’s predecessors still haven’t been able to explain. The water still hasn’t gone down and some parts of the town remain flooded. What’s interesting is that experts claim there are no leaks in the dam.

Since the flood, many residents have left. And those who stayed behind? A military officer warns Berg they are a bit “strange” after the flood. The people at the Helping Hand told the military that a group of looters attacked them the night of the flood. However, by the next morning, the looters and the police officers had disappeared. The military believes they’re not giving them the full story.

And they’re right not to believe the townsfolk. The secrets and lies are just piling up. But one of Adèle’s secrets is out. Although Adèle claimed she ended up in the hospital after getting dizzy and falling down the stairs, Chloé (Brune Martin) confronts her about the situation and reveals that she knows the truth -- she fell on purpose.

The secret about the dead might be coming out as well. While Berg’s on the road, a light from the woods distracts him. The result is Berg striking a man -- Toni (Grégory Gadebois).

“The Returned” fans will remember that Toni died in the Season 2 finale. However, he’s back and super confused. He’s transported to the hospital, where doctors are forced to sedate him after he freaks out over wanting to see his brother, Serge (Guillaume Gouix).

The military has questions about him. Toni was one of the people who “disappeared” during the flood , and Lena (Jenna Thiam) wants to tell them the truth about him. Pierre (Jean-François Sivadier) convinces her not to, though, telling Lena that not only will no one believe her, but that she’ll also put Toni’s life in danger. Jérôme (Frédéric Pierrot) doesn’t get that message though. He’s called in for questioning because he previously told the military that Toni died before the flood. They think that because he lied about Toni, he might be lying about his missing wife, Claire (Anne Consigny). He’s been trying to tell them the truth for months, but no one believes him.

The Returned Jérôme
Jérôme (Frédéric Pierrot) is trying to tell the truth about the dead but no one believes him in the Season 2 premiere of "The Returned." Jean-Claude Lother/Haut ET Court TV/Canal +

Toni’s not the only one back. Audrey Sabatini (Armande Boulanger), the daughter of Sandrine (Constance Dollé), also reappears. Like Camille (Yara Pilartz), Audrey was on the bus four years ago when it crashed. Now she’s back and doesn’t know what happened. The military guys who find her think her loss of memory is an effect from the flood and attempt to bring her back to town. However, as with Adèle ’s ambulance ride, the highway mysteriously turns into a dirt road with a dead end. Frightened and confused, Audrey leaps out of the car and runs into the woods.

It’s a hopping night for the hospital because Adèle ends up back there after the baby begins “punching” her. The doctors explain she’s simply having contractions. However, some things aren’t adding up. Adèle previously told the doctors she’s only six months along, while the doctors find that the fetus is at least eight months. They decide to induce labor that night, which Adèle is not happy about. Adèle confesses to Père Jean-François (Jérôme Kircher) that she doesn’t want to give birth. Père Jean-François thinks she’s just scared to do this without Thomas (Samir Guesmi), which makes Adèle admit the truth. She tells him she hass tried to abort the baby several times and that Thomas is not the father. Père Jean-François quickly puts two and two together and figures out that she’s carrying Simon’s baby.

Meanwhile in the woods, Audrey finds a man feasting on an animal. She’s scared, but Lucy (Ana Girardot) finds her and leads her to the other side of town where the returned are now living. Lucy brings her to Claire and Camille’s door, where the two quickly welcome her in. However, Claire quickly shuts the door in Lucy’s face.

Audrey is more confused than ever and thinks something happened to her parents. Camille wants to tell her friend what has happened, but Claire stops her. She thinks it’s too much for the young girl to handle right now. Plus, there is a new threat -- “them.” When Audrey gets a little too hysterical, Claire points out the window. A horde of people is stopped outside their house, looking in.

Who are they? And what do they want? It’s not clear, but the returned definitely appear to be afraid of them.

The Season 2 premiere ends with Chloé questioning if her mother’s baby will be like “us or them.” And they’re about to find out. The doctors are prepping the operating room to deliver the baby. Across the water, Simon alerts Lucy “it’s happening again.” Something big is brewing and it certainly seems like Lucy is plotting something.

Meanwhile, viewers discover that even more dead are back. Serge is reunited with his mother, while Victor’s (Swann Nambotin) mom surprises him at the house he’s sharing with Julie (Céline Sallette) and Madame Costa (Laetitia de Fombelle). Victor’s been waiting for his mom ever since he returned -- but he doesn’t seem that happy to see her.

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