She’s rough, she’s tough and she’s looking for vengeance. Yes, we’re talking about Emily Thorne, the protagonist on the hit ABC series “Revenge.” And it looks as if Emily VanCamp’s character has finally gotten the bittersweet payback she’s been craving since the series’ premiere in 2011.

Not only did Emily manage to lock Conrad Grayson away behind bars, but his wife, Victoria, is suffering the same – if not worse – fate. Currently Emily’s former mother-in-law is sporting a psychiatric hospital straightjacket instead of her typical high-end wardrobe – and beige is totally not Victoria’s color.

Emily had managed to get Victoria committed at the end of Season 3 by convincing doctors that her mother-in-law had become obsessed with the idea that she was actually Amanda Clarke. In order to prove her theory, “Victoria” dug up Amanda’s grave. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not as insane as what’s to come in Season 4.

According to E! Online, fans can expect a massive shift in VanCamp’s character come the new season. Our once butt-kicking heroine will be putting away her guns and plans of revenge to lead a simple and honest life.

Executive producer Gretchen Berg explained that Emily will be “living in truth” now that she’s learned her father, David Clarke, is actually alive. Aaron Harberts chimed in that Emily will have “to deal with a blowback from what she’s done; how does that push her relationship forward? She’s going to have to own a lot of the thing she’s done.” E! Online revealed to fans that Harberts' quote specifically correlates with Emily’s and Charlotte’s relationship. How will the sisters react to the return of their father?

It’s also been reported that when Season 4 does premiere, viewers will be able to pick up just where they left off instead of trying to navigate a confusing time-jump.

"Everything we left the audience with, we want to explore," Harberts said.

Are you excited to see Emily in a new light? Or does news of her newly tamed behavior make you uneasy? Sound off in the comments section below.