“Revenge” will be returning with even more drama when the hit ABC series airs its fourth season. But amid all the darkness in the Mike Kelley-created series, there’s also a silver lining rumored to make Emily Thorne forget for just a moment that the Graysons want her head on a platter.

TV Line revealed that “Revenge” will be adding a new character to the Season 4 storyline who would reportedly make Miss Emily Thorne get red in the cheeks. But will this mysterious character be a potential love interest for Emily so soon after Aiden’s death?

We’re not sure, but we do know the new character is a childhood friend of Jack who’s struggling with PTSD from his military days. No wonder Emily has found interest in him. Maybe Jack’s war-savvy friend can help Emily strategize how to get Victoria behind bars to join her husband.

It was reported that this new character will be making his “short-term visit to the Hamptons” a little more permanent after something life-changing happens to Jack. At least it’s not life-threatening.

Nick Wechsler revealed at the ATX Television Festival earlier this month that although his character would never participate in an immoral act, he’d definitely break some rules when “Revenge” returns for a fourth season. Could this be the reason Jack’s friend is sticking around?

What are your thoughts on the newest character of “Revenge”? Could he be a potential love interest for Emily? Sound off in the comments section below.