There was a reason tonight’s Season 4 episode of “Revenge” was titled “Meteor” -- and it was because drama came crashing down to the Hamptons in the most astronomical fashion. Fans of the hit ABC series have known David (James Tupper) was alive since the Season 3 finale, but it was only until the airing of tonight’s installment did his eldest daughter Amanda (Emily VanCamp), who is currently known as Emily, discover her dear old dad was back from the dead.

Episode 4 of “Revenge” kicked off with Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) theorizing about who the hooded man that snuck into Em’s house (with a knife) could be.

“Do you think this is what Victoria had planned?” Nolan considered the thought that perhaps the Grayson matriarch (Madeline Stowe) was somehow behind the break in. And as it turned out, their speculating wasn’t too far. Although Victoria didn’t light the fire, she definitely created that spark that lead to David’s rash behavior. In episode 3 she told David that Emily Clarke was the one attempting to “destroy” their family. That’s when David decided to take matters into his own hands by “ending” Emily like Victoria had suggested.

However, when Victoria found out what David had done, she seemed appalled and quickly questioned him if he had killed Emily.

“I came close,” he responded, adding that no one saw him. Victoria was very concerned that David had blown his identity. She explained how she wanted him to plan his reemergence very carefully. But instead of throwing himself a I’m-not-a-terrorist-or-dead-garden party, David went the more exciting route by getting himself arrested -- for stealing a piece of gauze nonetheless.

It wasn’t his terribly obvious plan to get found out that had us on the edge of our seats. No, it was the moment when David started taking off his shirt just moments before his arrest. However, the scene was anything but sexy. David grabbed himself a chain and started whipping himself. But it wasn’t until David’s statement at the police station did we learn why he had brutally mutilated him.

He pinned everything on Conrad (Henry Czerny) -- telling officers that he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, taken away from his family and stabbed in jail, which is when Conrad found him. According to David, Conrad faked his death so that he could lock him away and torture him (hence the whipping marks). David even added the little ditty about being scared Conrad could come back to get him. That’s when the police explained to David (who was already well aware) that Conrad was dead. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the “Revenge” tree. Now we know where Emily gets her wits and dedication from.

Speaking of Emily, she had no interest in rehashing the break in to the police. But Nolan was extremely persistent as he explained details of what happened -- including the fact that the intruder had a knife. This upped the criminal’s status to aggravated assault and forced the police to keep their eyes extra wide for the girl that everyone seems to have a crush on.

So, how did Emily and her father come face-to-face? Well, it was all thanks to Officer Ben’s (Brian Hallisay) brilliant detective work. He somehow managed to put the clues together that the perp (David) brought into the station (with no weapons or ID) was hiding something.

Ben quickly called Emily to the station to identify the man who snuck into her home in the middle of the night. But prior to her arrival, Jack (Nick Wechsler) was ordered to prepare the lineup. He gave the perps the run down of what to expect, which is when he noticed perp #3 had his head down. He asked the alleged convict to raise his head, which is when he noticed that #3 was actually David. With his hand still on the speaker Jack called out David’s name. That caused David to look up, thus confirming Jack’s suspicions.

But if Jack’s reaction brought you to tears then we could only imagine the kind of waterworks Emily’s response to seeing her father alive caused. Jack wanted to reach out to Em before she partook in the line up but Ben denied his request, saying it could disrupt a potential trial. This sent Emily into the station completely blind.

And Emily must have thought she wasn’t seeing correctly when she laid eyes on perp #3 -- her father. As David stepped closer to the two-way mirror, Emily’s lip quivered and her eyes started welling up with tears. A truly emotional scene if you ask us.

Emily left the station completely overwhelmed as she explained to Nolan what she had just encountered.

“My father -- he’s alive. I just saw him in the lineup. I swear to God, Nolan, it was him. How is this possible? After everything -- it was him.” But Nolan didn’t to seem to fully believe her until Jack confirmed Emily’s statement.

That’s when the FBI entered the station to have a little chat with the person everyone correlated with the country’s most iconic terrorist attack. After David’s statement (that explained how Conrad had framed, kidnapped and tortured him) he was asked to make an announcement to the public. With Emily in the crowd, David confronted the world for the first time as a free man in over 25 years. But it was who shared his first free moments with that really turned the dagger in Emily’s broken heart. Emily watched on as Victoria and Charlotte joined the stage with her very-much-alive father to give their manipulative statements on the matter.

It looks like Victoria wasn’t too far off when she claimed the Grayson mantra was to “lie and deny”

“What just happened?” Nolan asked after David’s public announcement.

“She got to him first,” Emily said, concluding episode 4.

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