Autumn is close – and you know what that means, right? Besides the return of delicious pumpkin-flavored treats, “Revenge” will also be back on ABC for its fourth season on Sept. 28. Sunil Nayar, an executive producer of the Golden Globe-nominated series, teased fans with just a few spoilers of what viewers could expect in the coming Season 4 of “Revenge” – including David Clarke drama!

“I think the season premiere is going to be full of surprises, full of unexpected payoffs to our cliffhangers,” Nayar revealed to TV Fanatic before diving into five juicy Season 4 teasers:

1. The Changing of Characters: Nayar said the big question of the coming season is how Emily, Victoria and even David will evolve.

“Emily has been Emily Thorne for so long, and the idea is what does it mean to be Amanda to her? Victoria’s been next to Conrad for so long, and what does it mean for her to be a free woman now?" he dished. "David’s been wherever David’s been for so long, and what does it mean to be back in the world? And so I think one of the things that we are fascinated to explore is to figure out who our people are and who they really are struggling to try to be and who they’re actually capable of being,”

2. Flashbacks and Flash Forwards: “Revenge” is notorious for giving fans contextualized time jumps that help give depth to the plot. Can viewers anticipate more time leaps to help explain David’s resurrection?

“There’s a lot going on, and like this show always does, there’s like little bits of time jumps, so we always think there’s sort of the fun things to embrace as we jump forward,” Nayar revealed. “So I think you’ll see where the episode picks up. We found a perfect spot to do it.”

3. David Scoop: If fans are looking for answers regarding David’s return right here and now, they better learn the virtue of patience because according to Nayar, the story of Emily’s father will be revealed with a “bit of a slow burn.”

“There’s so much that we want to slowly mine, and we want our audience learning who David is along with our characters in some ways, so we didn’t feel like burning off a lot of the story because we have some wonderful story to tell, but it’ll be a slow burn,” Nayar told TV Fanatic. “You’ll get your answers in sort of little bits and pieces, where he’s been and what he’s done over the last 10 years.”

The EP also addressed the question of whether characters within “Revenge” would immediately recognize the allegedly dead David Clarke.

“Certain people come to be aware of his presence. People will become aware of his existence very quickly and some people will become aware of his existence much later,” he explained.

4. Victoria Drama: The last time “Revenge” fans saw Victoria Grayson, she was strapped away in Psychiatric Hospital, mumbling to staff how Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke. Can fans expect to see Victoria in the same predicament when Season 4 premiers? Nayar quipped that those who enjoy watching the villain squirm will “not be disappointed with where you take up with Victoria.”

5. Conrad’s Fate: Just like his wife, Conrad found himself in an unfortunate situation during the Season 3 finale – a much more deadly one. It was assumed that David Clarke had killed Conrad, but the antagonist’s death was not confirmed. The EP declared that inquiry would be confronted during the very first episode of “Revenge.”

"Revenge" returns Sunday, Sept. 28, at 10 p.m. EDT. What are you looking forward to during the Season 4 premiere? Sound off in the comments section below.