And that’s all, folks. After four seasons of nail-biting drama, the hit ABC series “Revenge” finally came to an end on Sunday night. And boy did it conclude with a bang -- literally. But before we reveal who ended up six feet under in the beloved soap opera, let’s talk about how the finale kicked off.

The final episode, “Two Graves,” began with a flashback of little Emily practicing drawing the infinity symbol in the sand. Her father David (James Tupper), impressed with how quickly she learned to replicate the figure, then discussed with his daughter what makes a person evil.

David stated that people aren’t born bad; it’s the choices they make that define who they are. That idea played out in the last episode of “Revenge” as each of the characters attempted to figure out who they were and what their morals were.

Emily (Emily VanCamp) pleaded guilty to Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) murder in court after she learned Ben (Brian Hallisay) had been killed.

“Ben is dead,” she told her father, explaining that his blood was on her hands. But David knew his daughter didn’t kill Victoria and was wondering why she would take the blame for the Grayson matriarch’s alleged death.

That question was answered when Nolan (Gabriel Mann) explained to Jack (Nick Wechsler) that Em was genius and of course there was a method behind her madness. According to Nolan, Emily wanted to be sent to maximum security so Nolan could free her, which he did after setting off the fire alarms in the prison.

While Emily was scaling the walls of the prison (seriously, how did she even do that?), attempting to escape through the prison vents, Victoria was preparing herself for her own funeral. Victoria explained to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) that the reason she attended the solemn event was that she wanted to see her children one last time. But to her surprise, they didn't show up.

This irked Victoria because the last conversation she had with her mother (before she died), she was told that she was a horrific parent. (And that’s coming from the woman who killed Victoria’s father and then pinned the death on her daughter!) This is why Victoria felt no shame in throwing her mother’s body in the fire she used to fake her own murder.

“The corpse I passed off as my own was my mother,” Victoria confessed to Margaux, who felt sick to her stomach that Ben was killed by White Gold (Courtney Love). Margaux explained that she called her assassin not to kill the officer but to have White Gold safely move Victoria before Ben had discovered she was alive. But of course, nothing ever goes as planned on “Revenge.” Like Victoria wanting to confront Louise (Elena Satine) with the fact that she was alive.

Victoria was touched by Louise’s emotional eulogy (probably because Louise was the only one to mourn her death), so the matriarch begged Margaux to have the two meet face-to-face. “Bring her to me. I have to tell her the truth,” she said.

But the journalist knew nothing good could come from their meeting, specifically because Emily was on the loose. When Victoria learned that her nemesis was out and about, she told Margaux that she knew what she had to do (i.e., kill Emily). But Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) ex wasn’t interested in partaking in “any more bloodshed.”

Before Em set off on her mission to put Victoria down, she and Jack had a heart-to-heart.

“You’ve always made me feel safe, Jack,” she gushed, adding that although their lives have been complicated, she never “stopped feeling that way when I was around you.”

Jack then decided that there was no better time to lay one on her, thus kicking off a steamy sex scene. Em woke up the following morning with a note from her beloved that said he was getting breakfast. So while her darling was fetching bagels, Emily decided to get some work done.

While snooping around for clues to take Victoria down, Em received an alarming phone call from Nolan warning her that she was next on White Gold’s hit list. He then warned his bestie not to return to the house because the assassin would be there waiting for her. But Emily knew she had to risk going back because Jack would be walking through the door to the home at any moment.

However, Emily was too late. Jack was attacked by the blonde killer and ended up getting stabbed in the stomach. Jack was rushed to the hospital, where Emily snuck in dressed like a doctor.

“Please don’t leave me. I need you,” she said to her critically injured lover before telling Nolan that instead of putting Victoria behind bars, she would put her enemy in the ground. Nolan gave his blessing, then stated that he wanted dibs on taking Margaux down.

“I trained with the most dangerous sensei I know,” he said confirming his skills. Just then Louise, who just learned Victoria was alive, walked in.

Nolan paid Margaux a visit, calling her responsible for Ben’s death. But Margaux said she too had suffered great loss due to revenge. Somehow Nolan used his charm and smarts to convince Margaux to return to the light side. And so the two worked together to concoct a plan to take down White Gold. However, Nolan’s hand was collateral damage in setting up the killer.

“I started this to get justice for Daniel. I need to honor him and [redeem my life],” Margaux said after the two managed to taser White Gold into unconsciousness. Margaux decided to stay with Gold's body until the police arrived.

But the big moment of revenge (in our book) is when Victoria’s devoted “puppet” betrayed the Hamptonite by leading Emily straight to her archfoe.

“Hello, Victoria,” Emily said, pulling out a loaded gun. Victoria warned Em before she pulled the trigger that the two were being recorded. That meant if Em did kill Victoria then the murder would be witnessed and she would be “locked up for good.”

Emily, however, no longer cared where she would end up as long as Victoria's body ended up in a grave. But before Em could fire away, David did -- shooting Victoria down.

“You devoted your life to saving me. It’s my turn,” David said, killing Victoria to save his daughter’s tormented soul. Just as Em was telling her father she loved him, she was shot by Victoria, who managed to stay alive long enough to kill her enemy -- or at least try to.

After a brutal commercial break, viewers learned that Emily had survived the shooting. In fact, the person who ended up in the second grave was David, who died of cancer.

“Ready to go?” Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) asked her half-sister in the cemetery as the two looked over their father’s grave.

The series ended with Emily finally getting married to Jack. (Jack had asked David for his approval before proposing to Emily). The two lovebirds decided to leave the Hamptons -- and the drama -- behind them and sail off on the boat that David had been working on.

“Confucius was right,” Emily said, acknowledging the quote from the pilot episode that stated revenge would end with two graves. “The second of the two graves was meant for me. I was saved by my father’s love. I know now revenge only brings darkness.” Although Emily was drifting out to sea with the man of her dreams, she acknowledged that Victoria would forever haunt her.

And for those curious about Nolan’s storyline, well, let’s just say that maybe we haven’t see the last of the fan favorite character. Nolan feared there would be no life for him after revenge, but Em promised he would find his purpose. And apparently, it’s to help others seek justice. Emily sent someone looking to avenge his mother’s name to Nolan’s bar.

“Amanda Clarke said you can help me,” the desperate son stated.

“Well played, Ems,” Nolan said before the series finale concluded. "Well played."

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