If you were hoping that the series finale of “Revenge” would end on a happy note, we’ve got news for you: It won’t. That’s what Sunil Nayar, executive producer of the hit ABC drama, revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“Everybody will be scathed in the series finale,” he warned, debunking the theory that Emily (Emily VanCamp) would somehow find her happily ever after before the four-season drama concluded. “One of the things we’ve really talked about is, how does anyone get out of this? It doesn't feel legitimate for anyone [to] get out of it unscathed.”

Not only will your favorite Hamptonites find themselves face to face with danger in the final episode, “Two Graves,” but Nayar confirmed that two of them will in fact end up dead.

“I can say that ‘Two Graves’ is the right title of the episode. We intentionally picked that to harken back to the Confucius quote that kicked off the whole show (‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves’), and there will be two people in a grave before the end of the episode,” he said, adding that the promo video teases who might take their last breath when episode 23 airs Sunday.

So, who will be killed off in the last installment of “Revenge”? Well, we have our theories. Check them out below:

  1. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

    There’s no way Emily will survive the series finale of “Revenge,” right? Not only has her mission for vengeance resulted in more casualties than we can count on two hands (karma is bound to catch up to her) but now her father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, which means our protagonist has nothing left to lose.

    In the promo video for the installment, fans can see Emily pointing a gun at Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) head. But we don’t see David’s (James Tupper) daughter pull the trigger. Instead, audiences see Emily lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Is it hers?

  2. Victoria Grayson

    There’s no better candidate to join Emily six feet under than the Grayson matriarch. In fact, we’re hoping it’s Emily and Victoria who meet their fate in a Western-style showdown. The two ladies have had many of their loved ones killed in the crossfire of their long-running feud, and it’s finally time for the death toll to stop rising. Maybe the series finale will conclude with Victoria’s permanent death.

  3. David Clarke

    As we previously said, David has been given less than six months to live due to his cancer -- and that’s if he’s lucky. This led us to theorize that the life of Emily’s father might get cut way shorter than he anticipated. It would be absolutely tragic if David died considering he and his daughter reunited only days ago, which is why we think it's possible "Revenge" may kill him off. They love their drama!

  4. Jack Porter

    We hate to even predict this death, but from the finale promo video it looks like Jack (Nick Wechsler) is on the chopping block, too. This would be another heartbreaking demise because Jack has been pining over Emily since the series began and now he finally is getting the reciprocated love he’s always dreamed of.

    In the trailer, viewers can see Emily and Jack locking lips in a seriously steamy scene. However, our hearts sunk when seconds later Em is crying over Jack’s hospitalized body.

  5. Margaux LeMarchal

    We do not have a good feeling about the fate of Margaux (Karine Vanasse) -- especially not after what happened in episode 22. The journalist hired the assassin White Gold (Courtney Love) to hunt down Ben (Brian Hallisay) and kill him, which she did. But not before Ben saw Victoria, who was said to have been murdered, was alive and well.

    Emily will come face to face with Victoria in the series finale, but before she confronts her former mother-in-law, we have a feeling Em will pay a visit to her good pal Margaux, who helped set her up for Victoria's death.

Who do you think will be killed off in the series finale of “Revenge”? Sound off with your theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to the last episode on Sunday, May 10, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.