It’s time for Emily (Emily VanCamp) to officially retire her deadly, red Sharpie. “Revenge” will be airing its series finale on Sunday, and according to Sunil Nayar, showrunner of the hit ABC drama, the series will conclude on a “bittersweet” note.

"It has been very bittersweet because we were saying goodbye to these characters -- and actors -- that we've spent so much time with," the executive producer dished to People magazine. "And just like the characters are trying to leave behind the people and plots that had occupied their every waking moments for five years, so was the cast and crew."

Although the audience will be forced to bid an emotional farewell to their favorite Hamptonites (specifically two characters who have been confirmed to die), viewers will welcome back a familiar face to the show’s chaotic plot in the final episode titled “Two Graves.”

Emily’s half-sister and Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) daughter, Charlotte (Christ B. Allen), will reportedly ditch rehab to make another surprising return in the final installment. (Charlotte appeared in episode 22 where she learned the "death" of her mother.) Nayar teased that her role in episode 23 would have a large effect on the impending drama.

“She delivers a huge piece of information near the end of the episode,” Nayar told TVLine. “I can guarantee it will generate conversation.”

Could Charlotte’s intel have something to do with the series finale’s cliffhanger? Nayar previously dished to The Hollywood Reporter that although the series would be coming to a conclusion after four, action-packed seasons, there would still be a lingering question left for fans to ponder over.

“We didn't believe we needed to end the story; it would have been a satisfying season finale,” the showrunner said, revealing that the cliffhanger “could have spurred the show into Season 5.” “Officially the decision came down last week, but we [also] knew in our hearts that we wanted to end the story regardless of a fifth season. If there had been a fifth season, it would have set up a new ‘Revenge.’”

We previously theorized that both Emily and Victoria would be killed off in the series finale, turning Charlotte into the new, vengeance-seeking character of the drama.

Nayar slight bolstered our theory when he implemented that the cliffhanger would immortalize the show. “It's a nice moment that shows these things are never-ending. This is a world one enters and never fully leaves you. We wanted to explore that in the finale. What is the effect of this world on people if they manage to get out of it?” he questioned.

Although the cliffhanger will leave viewers scratching their heads, Nayar promised the series finale will be both “satisfying and surprising.”

"All of the series regulars have a journey and a conclusion and a bit of retribution in the series finale," he told People magazine. "I feel we really have told everyone's complete story. I'm really happy with where we ended up."

Do you think Charlotte will become the new Emily? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories on the series finale of “Revenge,” which is set to premiere on Sunday, May 10, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.