It’s been nearly two weeks since “Revenge” aired its series finale and we still can’t help but gush over the happily ever after Emily (Emily VanCamp) finally got when she said "I do" to her long-time love Jack (Nick Wechsler). And as it turns out, we’re not the only ones who continuously get misty-eyed over the thought of Em and Jack sailing off into the sunset together.

Barry Sloane, who portrayed Aiden Mathis on the hit ABC series, divulged that he too was a big shipper of the Emily/Jack relationship -- you know, despite his character’s hindrance to their romance.

“I think Emily and Jack were always supposed to end up together,” Sloane revealed to TVLine, admitting that he wasn’t surprised the two tied the knot in the final episode. “[Aiden] really messed up that ride for a little bit. When he came in, it was supposed to establish that Daniel [Josh Bowman] and Jack were Emily’s two options -- but suddenly, Aiden became a third option.”

Aiden and Emily fell in love while on their mission to take down all those involved in the framing of David (James Tupper). The two even went as far as to get engaged! Their love was unexpected, but totally real, which is what made Aiden’s death so hard to swallow for fans and Emily.

Emily’s future husband was killed by Victoria (Madeline Stowe) in the Season 3 finale of “Revenge.” The menacing Grayson matriarch slipped a paralyzing concoction into Aiden’s tea that forced him to succumb to the paralysis, making it easy for Victoria to smoother him on Emily’s couch.

“When you watch what happens [to Aiden], it's horrifying and devastating and allows the audience into the mind-set of someone who wants revenge,” Sunil Nayar, the “Revenge” showrunner, told The Hollywood Reporter following the finale of the third installment. After having just cleared the name of her father, Emily slips back in to revenge-mode following the murder of her beloved fiancé.

“She can't believe [Victoria] killed Aiden, and she wants her to die and suffer,” the executive producer stated. “Sadly, Aiden [was a casualty of the storytelling]; we had a wonderful opportunity to flesh out his story … and viewers got to understand him as a human being beyond the elegance and the James Bond kind of guy we've seen."

Sloane added during his interview with TVLine that it only made sense for Emily to end up with Jack since both her other suitors were six feet under. “I think it’s the right thing, considering [Daniel and Aiden] are both dead,” he said, giving his blessing.

Fans can catch Sloane starring on the new ABC mystery series “The Whispers,” which will premiere Monday, June 1, at 10 p.m. EDT.