We’ve seen our fair share of characters die throughout the past four seasons of “Revenge.” But nothing shocked us quite like learning who met their fate in the series finale of the hit ABC series – or rather, who wasn’t killed off in the final episode.

With an installment title like “Two Graves,” we theorized that the two tombstones would belong to Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp) -- you know, considering they were the cause of all the chaos on “Revenge.” But boy, were we wrong. Although the Grayson matriarch ended up six feet under as we predicted, thanks to David’s (James Tupper) spot-on aim, Emily managed to survive getting shot in the heart by her nemesis.

But who was the second grave destined for? Well, it was dug for Emily’s father, who lost his battle to cancer in the series finale of “Revenge.”

“One of the things that we liked about [David] getting cancer was to give Emily/Amanda a situation that was fully out of her control,” Sunil Nayar, the “Revenge” showrunner, dished to Us Weekly. “She’s been a woman who’s been in control for four straight years, whether it’s a physical problem, mental problem, societal problem, she can handle it, because she’s smart and she’s capable. But once something actually infects a person that you love, it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how trained you are, or how rich you are; you have to deal with it on an emotional level.”

Emily was then forced to mourn the death of her father. But according to the executive producer, that wasn’t always the case. The idea of David and Emily switching places underground was pitched when the script for the series finale was being written.

“Yeah, we definitely talked about it,” Nayar admitted to Us Weekly, sharing that there was a possibility of Emily ending up dead. “We talked about every iteration of who lives and who dies. But really felt that at the end of the day, even though she’s done some very questionable things, they’ve been done in the name of goodness and what’s right on behalf of the people she cared about.”

Nayar added that talk of Emily’s demise didn’t sit well with the writers. “It just felt to all of us writers that the ripple effect of having her die, either having achieved or not achieved the resolution of her goal, just felt like too unsatisfying a resolution for this show.”

Instead, the writers gave Emily the happily ever after many fans wanted for her by having her ride off into the sunset with her childhood sweetheart, Jack (Nick Wechsler). (The two got hitched before sailing off into the Atlantic Ocean.)

The showrunner then teased to TVLine what life after “Revenge” would look like for one of the most "shipped" couples on television.

“It’s strange to think about, because whether they like it or not, they’re a famous couple in this country now. She’s skirted around the reality of that existence, and he’s never even come close to embracing the reality of it," he said. "It would reframe them in a way. Does she drive [Jack’s son] to school? Who picks him up?”

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