Rex Ryan, New York Jets head coach, was involved in a three-car accident in Pennsylvania last week. While no one was injured, Ryan was issued a warning as the police continue their investigation.

The accident occurred in Bethlehem at 6:13 p.m. on Jan. 14, during rush hour. According to a statement issued by the Bethlehem Police Department, Ryan was at fault. The police report indicates that Ryan, driving a Ford Mustang, ran a red light, which led to him crashing into a second car at the intersection of West Third Street and Wyandotte. That car then proceeded to hit a third vehicle that was turning into the intersection.

The two other drivers have not been identified and police are still waiting to hear from one more witness before closing their investigation. Ryan did talk to police at the scene, saying he was “trying to beat the light,” reports ESPN.

Menish Mehta, the New York Jets beat writer for the New York Daily News, said on his Twitter that Ryan was given a warning, not a citation or a ticket.  According to police sources who spoke to Deadspin, Ryan was not speeding and the damage to the three cars were “moderate.” Deadspin did update to include a photo of one of the cars involved. The black Miata has its bumper smashed on the left side while the hood is dented and the headlights damaged. It is unclear if this is the car Ryan crashed into or the third car involved in the accident.

For the Jets, the Ryan accident soured the introduction of John Idzik as their new general manager. Ryan’s foray into the tabloids over the Jets off-season continues. The accident is just the most recent unflattering news of Ryan. Earlier, Ryan’s tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey made headlines in the New York papers.