An uncomfortable interview between Fox News anchor Lauren Green and author and religions scholar Reza Aslan has gone viral for the way Aslan was repeatedly questioned about why he would write a book about Jesus since he is Muslim.

In the interview, Aslan had to reiterate that his academic career is separate from his faith, and that he is qualified to write a book on Jesus. The controversial tome is titled “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.”

“Zealot” currently is No. 1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Aslan has made the rounds on cable television to promote the book, which included the Fox News interviewed that aired Friday and went viral. Watch the exchange below:

Aslan’s other media appearances for “Zealot” did not quite go that way. The book was praised by Comedy Central’s John Oliver, Jon Stewart’s stand-in on “The Daily Show.”

“I loved this book,” Oliver told Aslan during an interview earlier this month. “The time and place in which [Jesus] lived, it was total, total chaos. Possibly the most chaotic time in that region, and that region is the Middle East. That’s a high crazy bar.”

Watch Aslan be interviewed without being berated about his qualifications below: