Rhianna and Chris Brown both took to Twitter in the past couple of days to express their view that Brandy, whose last major hit came in the 1990s, is the best female vocalist of all time.

Breezy went the furthest on Wednesday night, tweeting via his iPhone (hopefully not the one he allegedly stole from a female fan at a club) that Brandy is the best female vocalist to me!!!!!

Yes, that's five exclamation points. Pretty emphatic way to diss everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga to Whitney Houston and even RiRi herself in one fell swoop by placing them below Brandy, who hasn't been a major part of the music scene in a decade.

But Rhianna started off the online love campaign for Brandy with her own pair of tweets, in which she said Brandy is the best...and that is just it!!! These vocals NEVER get old and Angel In Disguise by Brandy is that S---!!!!!

Brandy Norwood, who was nominated for a number of Grammys in her career, starred on the 1990s TV show Moesha after establishing herself as a top R&B talent, selling more than 50 million records worldwide to date and dropping songs that include Baby, Missing You, Sittin' Up In My Room and I Wanna Be Down.

Many people haven't kept track of her career, but she released an album named Human in 2008 and is currently working on her sixth studio album, Two Eleven, which will reportedly feature performances by Chris Brown and Seven.

So it seems Brandy is attempting a comeback. Keep your eye on her, she may be swooping back onto the scene in style very soon.