Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman continued his offseason campaign for the "Best Cornerback in the NFL" on ESPN's "First Take" Thursday, and the results may still be out.

The 25-year-old already challenged New York Jet Darelle Revis in a Twitter battle this offseason, and has now taken on “First Take” host Skip Bayless.

Co-host Stephen A. Smith asked Sherman about his skills and how good he thinks he is, and from there Sherman went off.

Citing game tape and his stats after two seasons in the NFL, Sherman then directly spoke to Bayless saying: “Skip, whenever you refer to me, whenever you speak to me, whenever you address me, address me as All-Pro Stanford graduate, because those are some accomplishments you will can aspire to, you will never accomplish. You have never accomplished anything.”

During the 2012 season, Sherman notched eight interceptions, tied for second in the NFL. Sherman, who was a fifth-round draft pick in the 2011 Draft, has exceeded many experts' expectations in his short career.

After Sherman's comments, Bayless retorted: “Ok, I’ll accept that even though I’ve accomplished more in my field than you have in your’s, though you’re just getting started.”

The 61-year-old Bayless has been involved in sports media for decades as a radio and television host, as well as a newspaper reporter for publications that include the Dallas Morning News and Chicago Tribune.

Smith, who is known for being loquacious and theatrical, remained silent while Bayless tried to counter numerous verbal haymakers thrown by Sherman. 

Aside from the typical shouting matches and barbs Bayless and Smith engage in daily, Sherman is not the first person to challenge Bayless on the air before.

Last June, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban called out Bayless, and members of the sports media overall, saying they speak in “generalities”.


Hopefully there will be a Round 2 between Sherman and Bayless.