What was Richard Simmons doing at the MTV Video Music Awards show Sunday night? That’s what many people were wondering after the 65-year-old fitness guru showed up at the VMAs red carpet outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Even though he’s known for being a fitness personality, Simmons recently came out with a new song “Hairdo” -- and he appeared to do everything in his power to bring as much attention to himself and his new song as possible.

Simmons wore a bright orange shirt and bright green pants with hummingbirds on them. And he also wore white sneakers, accessorizing them with white leg warmers.

The fuzzy-haired fitness motivator put his legs around a lamppost and began to schmooze with some of the music world’s best performers such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. He posed for a behind-the-shoulder selfie with the now-infamous twerker and even bowed down to kiss Perry on the hand, as seen in the pictures posted by the blog Lord of the Net.com.

Few other people seemed to like Cyrus’ hair, but Simmons took to his Twitter account to give her praise: 

Twitter users were thoroughly confused about why Simmons was there and even more perplexed by his strange antics on the red carpet. Check out their comments below: