Suspended Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito has received a ton of bad publicity in recent weeks, but his former girlfriend insists that he’s not a bad person.

Madison Yates, a 26-year-old woman from Missouri, reportedly met Incognito in her home state while he was still a member of the St. Louis Rams, Miami Herald tabloid column Gossip Extra reports. When Incognito signed with the Dolphins in 2010, his alleged former girlfriend followed him to Miami, ultimately taking a waitress job at a Fort Lauderdale bar called American Social.

Gossip Extra initially reported that Yates had broken up with Incognito due to his “temperamental ways.” However, in a follow-up email to the gossip website, Yates praised her rumored ex-boyfriend.

“Richie was nothing but kind to me and a great friend,” Yates wrote, according to Gossip Extra. The waitress refused to comment on the specific reasons behind their breakup, or provide any further information.

Since breaking up with Incognito, Yates has purportedly returned to Missouri, Gossip Extra reports. A photo of Incognito’s girlfriend can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, Incognito remains at the center of the NFL’s latest hazing scandal. The 30-year-old veteran stands accused of playing a major role in the bullying of teammate Jonathan Martin, which culminated in the second-year player’s decision to leave the Dolphins.

Incognito allegedly directed racial slurs at Martin on a regular basis, including a notable voicemail in which he referred to his teammate as a “half-n-----.” Ultimately, the Dolphins decided to suspend Incognito until the bullying allegations can be fully investigated.

[h/t Terez Owens]