“Hi Zeddie, If you were a pancake, would you be a chocolate chip, banana, or blueberry pancake?”

Oh yes! “Ridiculously photogenic guy” Zeddie Little’s frenzied Internet fans have indeed asked him such inane, crazy questions on Tumblr and his new Facebook page and, surprisingly, the extremely flattered runner has answered all modestly.

Little has been getting a lot of out-of-this-world questions and posts from followers all round the world ever since the day he shot to fame after his photographs, dubbed as Ridiculously Photogenic, went viral on web. He has become an internet sensation and several fake accounts by his name are circulating on social media sites.

So far, the 25-year-old New York resident has managed to rack up more than 31,000 subscribers on his new Facebook page, more than 26,000 followers on Twitter, and way more than a million views on photo-sharing, meme and news sites. However, little does his fans know that the account claiming to be Zeddie Little on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter could probably be fake.

Clearly, his so-called perfect face, an adorable smile and overnight popularity have been completely blown out of proportion. His soaring popularity has stumped many, considering he's not the only dashing personality in the world.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' Zeddie Little answering fan's questions on Tumblr account. Image Credit: Tumblr

Read some of the most bizarre questions asked to the new Internet meme on social networking sites.

“Do you like carrots? have you ever collected the stickers that are on fruits?” to which Little replied, “I do like carrots, and yes I have :).”

 “I want you to pee in my eyes,” a crazy Facebook fan wrote.

A fan, Marisa Cherry said, “I m running a marathon just in the hopes of looking as ridiculously photogenic as you M<2.”

Well, Little’s captivating personality and an endearing smile has left everyone (including lesbians and gays) a little conscious of their looks and some seem to be completely bowled over him.

“I'm a lesbian and you make me giggle with pleasure :3,” his Facebook subscriber, Izzie Wills, posted.

Another fan, Axel Winnberg wrote, “You made me gay :D And I don't regret s**t!”

“STOP MAKING ME LOOK BAD!!!” Alex Rudolph, another follower wrote.

Ryan Carrillo wrote, “Let us get married and adopt children from developing countries. We'll be like Brangelina but you'll hold all the good looks and I'll just be there.”

Another user, Sunny Candy Masoud wrote, “Am I really that un-photogenic compared to you!?!?” and “Why does my cat purr at pictures of you and hiss at pictures of me!?!?!”

Bjórn Leiðólfr wrote, “I love you. I am not a clever man, but one thing I know, Is that if I was gay, I would love you more, but sadly I am not. Have a nice day.”

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' Zeddie Little's new Facebook page. Image Credit: Facebook

Well, that’s not all! Now that Little's new page and Tumblr account are open for fans to “Ask him anything,” his female fan following has exploded.

So far, fans have asked him about his age, marital status, his reaction to the overnight fame, his personal life and even absurd questions like “Is Zeddie short for Zebra?”; “Can I get a virtual high-five?” and he has replied to all of them patiently.

Indeed, the questions are completely wacky and answering them must be painstaking but we see the “Ridiculously photogenic guy” seems to be really enjoying all the attention.

Little became famous after an amateur photographer randomly shot his photo during a 10K run last week in Charleston, S.C., and uploaded the image on to the social news-sharing site Reddit.