Zeddie Little, the man who has been dubbed the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, told Good Morning America on Wednesday that his rise to fame was just a fluke and that he finds humor in his new Internet popularity.

Little, who goes by his middle name Watkins, said he was just running and waving to a friend who was on the sidelines when he happened to turn and caught the lens of photographer Will King, a man he never met at the time.

But that infamous shot of Little, 25, running a 10-K in his hometown of South Carolina was perfection. King's photo showed Little looking very athletic, sporting a warm smile and gorgeous sun-kissed hair.

King told GMA that he had a few dozen friends in the race but he couldn't find them.

But I found Zeddie there and he just takes a really good picture, King said. There's tons of people but he was the one. He was actually just looking straight at the camera, smiling. The sun was hitting his hair as it's just flowing in the wind. Just an all-around photogenic guy.

King, who has been teaching himself photography for about a year-and-a-half now, has told the Charleston City Paper that he didn't think the overall picture was that great.

But I knew that he looked good, so I went ahead and uploaded it, King told Charleston City Paper.

As soon as King uploaded the photo to Facebook, a friend commented, I dub this Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. The photo of Little was shared on Reddit and in less than 24 hours Little was famous. The ridiculously photogenic guy was being discussed for days. On Flickr, the photo has gotten more than 1.65 million views. He was a hot, trending search topic on many websites.

Little's face was on dozens of memes.

Some of the most popular memes read: Goes for a jog. Whole town follows him, Photobombs wedding picture. Bride and groom cropped out and Get arrested. Mugshot submitted to Glamour Magazine.

The fame was so overwhelming, Little decided to lay low for a while. Now he is speaking out about being the newest Internet eye candy.

I find the humor in all of it, Little told GMA. It's funny.

Still, Little, who is in a committed relationship, said he feels honored to be a part of a joke that is in good spirits because sometimes the Internet can be a little vicious or jokes can get bent the wrong way. But these are all kinda, for the most part, positive. It's funny that everybody is kinda taking like to it. It's, I guess, the most flattering way to get spread across the Internet.

Little has plans to use his new found fame for a good cause. He told GMA that he will be running in the New York City marathon this November, for the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health.

The foundation was created in October 2003, weeks after the actor died from an acute aortic dissection, the website stated.

Little said his run will help generate money for the foundation and raise awareness about the cause.

I'm so honored to actually be a part of this, he said.

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